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9/11, Deja Vu, and "The Matrix"


 I have used the "Matrix" movie analogy in a previous article with regards to the events of 9/11, and I'm afraid that  I have once again succumbed to the temptation to use it for this post.

It is perhaps a far from perfect analogy [i.e. yes, I'm fully aware that the movie has its faults], however, because of its broad popularity and appeal, and because a lot of people reading an article such as this are probably familiar with the original movie "The Matrix" and various scenes in it, I feel it can come in handy  as an easy way of  graphically illustrating points I am attempting to make about the alleged events of 9/11.

The "Deja-Vu-Cat-Warning" Scene in "The Matrix" Movie

In the movie, there is a scene where the hero, Neo, spots, out of the corner of his eye, a cat walking slowly across an open doorway.

A moment later, for some reason he again looks back at the doorway and sees an identical cat doing the exact same thing.

He mentions these two strangely coincident "deja vu" events to the people he's with at the time, and they immediately start to interrogate him to try to find out whether the two cats he claims to have witnessed were identical, or merely similar.

They all conclude that the two events were in fact  identical, and that this is a sign of what is called "a glitch" in "the matrix", and is a CLEAR WARNING SIGN  that Neo's group is not experiencing reality, but instead, a simulated reality,  and that Neo's cat deja vu experience was  an unintended indication of a trap [i.e a technical error- a "glitch"],   set by the controllers of the matrix [artificial intelligence machines].

Flight 175's  9/11 Deja Vu Double Impact = The Deja Vu Cat "Glitch" Warning Scene In "The Matrix"

Well, just as the cat in the Matrix movie makes the exact same journey twice within a matter of seconds, on 9/11 Flight 175 [i.e the 9/11 "cat" ] apparently made its very own identical journey into WTC2 twice within a 3 second time frame, "live" on nationally broadcast TV!

Don't believe me?

Probably not, at this point in time, and so, a question for you, dear reader:

if the on-line archived mainstream media [MSM] video records for the morning of September 11th, 2001 are in fact all accurate, and are all genuine real-time records of what happened, as recorded live by those  five networks [ ABC,CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC] that morning, [as most still claim], then why does the impact of Flight 175 into the South Tower [WTC2] occur at two distinct  times, 3 seconds apart, on a minimum of at least 3 out of the 5 separate MSM networks, according to those very same alleged recorded live-in-real-time on line archives?

In other words, why is it that the impact  and resulting fireball of Fl. 175's impact  on CBS's "live" archived footage happens when it does, when,  according to those very same on-line archived video records for ABC and CNN, at the exact same moment in time as  CBS's post impact fireball makes its on-screen debut,  Flight 175's image is still to be quite clearly seen  in full flight, prior to impact, and similarly, on ABC and other networks the resultant fireball does not  commence until around about a full 3 seconds after the CBS  fireball makes its appearance on-screen ? :

            Fig. 1: post impact fireball already in progress [lower left corner] in the "live" CBS footage
                  as archived on line.[Click on image to enlarge]

              Fig 2: Meanwhile, at the exact same moment in time, on ABC's archived
                                                 footage, Fl. 175 is still in flight. 
[Click on image to enlarge]

I Submit: The 9/11 Fl. 175 Double Hit "Deja Vu Glitch" Is a "Matrix"- Like Warning - "A Dead-Give-Away" Sign of an MSM   Artificial Reality on 9/11 

I submit that this anomaly is in actual fact a "real world" replication of the deja vu cat scene from "The Matrix" movie - an indication [ or warning, or a "dead give-away" if you will] that what you were viewing on the morning of 9/11 was not reality as it happened in Manhattan , NYC, but in fact a simulated reality consisting of at least 2 different pre-fabricated movies that were being simultaneously broadcast on all 5 MSM networks on the morning of 9/11. 

However, I Ain't That Stoopid

However,  I am not foolish enough to believe that you would believe my above claim, based solely on the two screen shots I have provided so far, above [Figs 1 &2], neither of which even have a clearly visible, accurate to the second, network time stamp.

Enter: "Synched Out"- 9/11 Researcher Simon Shack's Analysis of the On-line Archived  MSM Video Records:

                Youtube link:

The two images below [Figs 3 and 4] are screen shots taken from 9/11 researcher Simon Shack's "Synched Out"analysis of the on-line archived MSM video records, for the 11 minute period, 8.52 am through 9.03 am, on the morning of Sept.11th 2001, for the US mainstream media [MSM] networks ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and NBC:

Fig. 3 . Screen shot detail [@5:41]from Simon Shack's "Synched Out" analysis of the 5  MSM network broadcasts [when run simultaneously], for the morning of 9/11.  Plane-strike fireball has just started to "bloom" on CBS,[see lower left corner of upper right quadrant],  therefor  Fl.175 has already struck WTC2 on CBS. Meanwhile, on ABC,[upper left quadrant],  the plane  [white arrow in upper left ABC quadrant]] is still in  flight.

Fig.4 : Plane still in flight on ABC and CNN- Screen shot detail [@5:47] from Simon Shack's "Synched Out" analysis of the 5 simultaneous MSM network broadcasts for the morning of 9/11. The plane  is still clearly in the air on ABC [top left quadrant], and on CNN [small sq. lower center] while on CBS [upper right quadrant], the post-strike fireball continues to spread, indicating that Flight 175 has already hit WTC2 on CBS.

"Synched Out" Analysis = 5 MSM Broadcasts - All Running Simultaneously, in Double Time, On One Screen, For Your Viewing Pleasure :-) .

What he did was download the on line archived records of those 5 networks broadcasts, and then start them all from the exact same point in time , and run them all simultaneously, on a multi-split screen, at double speed, to see how they compared to each other when so run, right next to each other on screen, where they could be easily compared.

REVEALED!: Network To Network, The Fl. 175 Plane-Strike and Fireball Imagery Is, Err....."Out of Synch" 

Mr Shack's analysis clearly shows that when these segments of the archived footage for that particular time period are run simultaneously, [i.e. "in synch" with each other], that the plane strike occurs at different times on different networks, when obviously, if the networks were all really broadcasting live, with no time delay [which,to this day, is what they all apparently claim to have done ], then they would all show the plane strike occurring at the exact same time, and the resultant fireball would also match network to network  in duration and other salient details . 

Proof That The "Live" 9/11 Network Imagery Was All Fake?

For myself and a [very] few others, this huge, 3 second discrepancy within the imagery of the various MSM broadcast feeds is proof positive that those feeds were actually pre-fabricated [i.e. made on computer beforehand] videos that were then fraudulently broadcast as live imagery that morning.

Objections To Mr Shack's and My Own Assertion- Mandatory F.C.C.  Time Delays?

On showing the last part of "Synched Out" to an interested member of The Freedom Network  at a recent meeting, the reviewer commented that the discrepancy in the timing of the plane strike was probably due to the F.C.C.'s mandatory time delay in force for all live broadcasts [ supposedly enforced so that , amongst other things, bad language can be removed before it goes out "live" on the air]. 

At first I though that that person had a legitimate point [about F.C.C. regulations requiring a delay], but on consideration I don't believe they really do, because:

1] If there was a time delay, wouldn't all networks use the exact same [mandatory] delay, so that even if on delay, they'd all still be in synch? 

2] To this day, there is no proof that the networks actually were on any automatic time delay that morning. None of the networks to date have ever disputed the accuracy of the times given for each of the broadcast segments for their individual networks as archived.  

Meaning all networks have apparently agreed to date that the on-line archived records for their  particular station are accurate historical records of what they broadcast live  that morning, including displayed times given for those individual network broadcasts. 

And let's not forget, the various times recorded for both the 2nd hit [fl.175] and the collapse of the towers themselves by those 5 MSM networks, all match the official times given for those events in  all of the official government accounts of events that day.

How Else To Prove Pre- Fl. 175 Strike On-Air Network Synchronicity ?

There are two possible ways I see of establishing that the video segments analysed by Mr Shack are actually running "in synch" prior to the 2nd. hit. 

1] An individual could go to the on-line archives and check that the sections shown in Mr Shack's analysis actually have the exact same 8.52 am EST start point in those archives as he  has used in his own analysis, for the stations concerned.

If you know how, you could probably even download the sections concerned and make your own video in the same manner as Mr Shack has done , so that all 5 network broadcasts can be viewed simultaneously in a suitable video software editor program. 

2] You could carefully review Simon Shack's entire "Synched Out" movie [it's slightly under 8 minutes long], to check to see if there are any  obvious clues to none-synchronicity  of all stations concerned occurred prior to the  out of synch by  3 secs. 2nd. plane hit. 

This [2] , is what I decided to do. 

An Obvious [Ad Nauseum] Sign of Inter- Network Synchronicity?

On checking for network synchronicity prior to the plane strike, I found many instances that suggest that prior to that strike, all networks were perfectly in synch.

Actually, it is one specific sign, repeated "ad nauseum", as it were. 

That specific sign being two or more networks displaying the exact same images, at the exact same time, within their own supposedly individually unique "independent" broadcasts. 

For just one glaring example:

  Fig. 5: From Simon Shack's "Synched Out"- ABC, CBS, Fox,NBC display the same feed at the same time.

An Obvious, Related, Question: The Exact Same Feeds On Competing Networks - How Come?

That question being, why on earth were supposedly rival, competing commercial TV networks repeatedly showing the exact same images on the morning of 9/11? 

Isn't there something dreadfully wrong with "the picture" here [ Different, allegedly "competing" networks showing the exact same "live" footage]?

Another 9/11 Red Flag?

Isn't this in fact, dear reader, one more very big, and very obvious, 9/11 "red flag", on top of the already  revealed Fl.175 flight impact time, err.... "discrepancy"?

If  not for you, dear reader, I would humbly suggest that perhaps it should be.

14 Randomly Picked Instances Where 5 "Competing" MSM Networks Broadcast The Same 9/11 Imagery:

Anyhoo, "onwards and upwards" as they say - back to the MSM archives "in-synch, then out-of-synch"  question. 

 Even More Examples?

Please understand, my analysis was by no means exhaustive, if you undertake your own review I'm  certain that you will be able to find  more instances where the feeds over that 11 minute time frame [8.52 am -9.03 am] are remarkably similar, if not identical.

Regards, onebornfree.

9/11 , Deja Vu , and "The Matrix"; Addendum

9/11 , Deja Vu , and "The Matrix"; Addendum - 14 Random Examples of Pre- Strike US M.S.M. Network Synchronicity

[14 Screen Shots Taken From Simon Shack's"Synched Out" Movie Showing Pre- Plane Strike Synchronicity of All 5 MSM Networks]

 Main article here

Screen Shot Explanation: 

For all figs below: 

Top left quadrant = ABC "live";                                 top right quadrant = CBS "live", 

bottom left quadrant= FOX "live";                bottom right quadrant= NBC"live"

                          Smaller Center square [position varies] = CNN"live".

N.B. All screen shots are taken from Simon Shack's "Synched Out" video. Times shown [bottom left] are for the  time the  screen shot was taken from main video. e.g. "1:22" in fig.1 corresponds to the 1 minute and 22 sec. point of the "Synched Out" movie itself. 

N.B. 2. :All figs appear, 1 through 14, in the same order in which they occur both in "Synched Out" and in the  original "live" broadcasts. 

                            To enlarge any image below, please "click" directly on it.

Fig. 1: ABC = CBS, FOX = CNN

Fig 2: ABC= CBS, [=NBC?]

Fig 3: ABC= CBS= NBC

Fig 4: ABC=CBS=Fox


Fig 6: ABC= FOX & CBS=CNN[center frame]

Fig 7: ABC= FOX= NBC[closeup]



Fig 10: ABC= CBS=FOX

Fig 11: ABC= CBS

Fig 12: ABC=CBS & FOX=CNN[small square bottom center]

Fig 13: As Simon says: "ABC= CBS= CNN" perfectly synchronised"

Fig 14: FOX=NBC & ABC= CNN

                                    But Then,  Suddenly, At 5:41 In "Synched Out" Everything Goes Mysteriously,   "Out of Synch", and the plane hits WTC2 on CBS and yet is still in flight on ABC?:

And Now, Let The Fireball Shenanigans Commence ! :