Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So Exactly Where Did Flight 175 Strike WTC 2 ?

Close analysis of some of the 911 alleged "amateur" video footage of the 2nd strike reveals that depending on which particular "amateur" video you view, Fl. 175 [i.e. alleged 2nd. strike- WTC2 ],  that those different videos show contradictory impact points for Flight 175 , as demonstrated by the graphic analysis below:

Although the 76' discrepancy between impact points for the left and centre video stills above could  perhaps be explained away as a perspective issue, it seems far less reasonable to try to explain away the  165' discrepancy between the 2 impact points shown for Fl.175 in the far left still [Fox 5 video] and that shown on the far right [Park Foreman video]. 

N.B original Youtube links listed in the above graphic are now "mysteriously" deleted. For your information, the stills above, left to right are from  these network sequences: [1]Fox5,[original], + see here for researcher Simon Shacks  Fox 5 footage analysis [2]Herzakhani/CNN [actually a link to a "Killtown" analysis of that footage that includes the original sequence], and for [3]  Park Foreman.

A Question : if those videos are all genuine, how come they all show different entry points for Fl.175 into WTC2, Hmmmm? 

Regards, onebornfree.

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