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9/11 Predictive Programming Or Coincidence? - The Coup- Party Music- CD Cover -

Recent History: 

The original album cover of The Coup's ‘Party Music’ CD was apparently banned by retailers because it featured images of the the rap group blowing up the World Trade Centre twin towers.

Although the record was released on November 6th 2001 – almost two months after the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks – the cover was apparently created in June 2001. :

Recently, on the 9/11 research site, contributor Edgewaters  commented:

"I'm sure you're familiar with the CD "Party Music" by the "Coup" and its cancelled front cover, which featured the towers exploding (at strangely prophetic locations). While the original cover was cancelled supposedly because it might be upsetting, they made sure a lot of people (who might otherwise never have seen it) got a good look at it by reporting on it and even displaying it. I remember the coverage. Because I already had some doubt in the back of my mind about the whole story, I was naturally curious, and went online to find out more. Now just the cover, perhaps if you were very inclined to believe the official story no matter what, you could chalk that up to pure coincidence. But if you did go look online you would find the inside jacket which again shows the towers - this time with 2 planes. At that point we're beyond coincidence. Further so if you take into account that one of the figures on the cover holds a detonator as the towers explode - which pretty much covers the two main theories that would emerge, bombs and plane strikes. The other figure holds a pair of conductors batons, like at an orchestra. Also the name of the group - "Coup" - predicts the "everything changed" theme."

"I think this was a message intended to reach those who might be skeptical. If you weren't skeptical, you didn't receive the message, but if you were skeptical, you went online and realized there was too much for coincidence here. And I think what happened to me, happened to a lot of people. You see the conductor batons, you see the bomb/plane thing, you see the foreknowledge, you see the smarmy grin of the guy with the detonator, and the whole thing comprises a display of awesome but hidden power - we can commit this crime right out in the open and you'll never even know who we are or how we did it, in fact, you're isolated, we've got everyone else marching to our tune, like a conductor. So you may as well go back to sleep cause there isn't anything you can do that will make any difference against the kind of power we have.

So that's just what I did! Not consciously, really, I'm analyzing this now in a conscious way but I didn't really perceive my reactions at the time.

This is how power is displayed now, I think. It's not just blunt and blatant violence. They demonstrate their control over the masses with the media, they demonstrate how covert and elusive their power is, they demonstrate your apparent isolation and marginilization. And all that IS a display of power, as much as any atrocity or act of violence. Moreso, even." 

Edgewaters comment pretty much echoed  one of my own thoughts regarding both Neo's passport expiration date [9/11/2001], plus the reference to the book entitled “Simulacra and Simulation”: [ a 1981 book by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. ], in the movie "The Matrix" ,  given  at the blog "Truth and Shadows" before I was banned there by the blog owner Craig McKee [silly little man]:

December 14, 2012 – 12:18 pm
Craig McKee said: “I knew about the book being in the movie, but I didn’t have much knowledge of the content of the book. Your comment has encouraged me to look deeper. What is your theory about the date on the passport?”
onebornfree said: "That it was deliberately inserted into the movie,[ as was the Baudrillard reference, obviously], by the movie makers themselves [ obviously chosen insiders], to send an “in plain sight” [but veiled] message to the plebiscite.
The perps are arrogant and basically saying to us all:
” we can do what we like- you people are mostly stupid; with current technology we can pre-fabricate an entire series of events, [i,e fake reality] complete with planes doing impossible things, and buildings collapsing top down at impossible speeds, then later broadcast it as a live event on MSM outlets, and still, almost everyone will believe it actually happened just as broadcast. We can even hint/tell you in advance what we are going to do, in movies like “The Matrix” and you are still all too stupid to see what’s coming down, or to prevent it. We can do whatever we like, whenever we like. As George Carlin said, we “got you by the balls”. ”

And, judging by the ongoing “yahoo” reaction to the proposition of network video fakery being primarily involved in the events of 9/11 as seen on this forum and elsewhere, I’d have to say that obviously they were/are absolutely correct [ which accounts for their arrogance ]  .
These people [whoever they may be] know exactly what they are doing, and exactly how stupid, boorish and trusting the US population in general is towards the MSM ,and exactly how far they can push “it”, without more than a few people discovering their methods."






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