Sunday, March 24, 2013

9/11 Video Fakery:The Fake,13 Foot Tall WTC Tower Jumpers

Here is a video from Youtube that claims to depict people hanging out of windows of a WTC tower on 9/11, as well as jumpers from those same WTC windows: 
"People Falling from the World Trade Center"
Direct Youtube link :

And now, a single frame from the above video:

So exactly how tall  was the person shown almost completely outside of the building in the above screen shot?

We already know that each window of both towers was 6 to 7 ft tall :


Some might argue that because of foreshortening due to camera perspective[ shooting low to high], we should fully expect the window to appear as foreshortened as it does, but if so, shouldn't the very same "law of perspective " also apply to the figure itself?

WTC 1 and 2 Tower  Real World Window Proportions :

Image If each window was 7 ft.[84 ins] tall, then it was 21 ins. wide, and each spandrel [see below] was 46 ins.  tall.

N.B. some claim the windows were each 6 ft tall, others [e.g. Simon Shack] claim 7ft tall. Regardless, the proportions 100%. 25%, 55%, still apply.


Simon Shack says: 
"Now, whatever perspective issues we have here related to this low viewing angle (which would certainly compress the height versus the width of the windows - I'm well aware of that) it would hardly account for such a dramatic height/width discrepancy. Moreover, there is frankly no explanation as to why that spandrel height - adjacent to the below window - should be 10% taller than expected.

Any doubts as to the fakeness of these purported "WTC fa├žade images" should be dispelled by this other, wholly absurd shot ":

Original research source

Additional Photo Updates 04/04/13:  


  1. in the 3rd pic in this article, the "How tall is this guy" pic, well i think there are 2 people leaning out of that window...1 standing gripping the column, and 1 below him/her, with a bent pink arm. Look at the 1st pic in this article, which is of the same windows, but earlier judging by reduced smoke. The "how tall is this guy" window has2 people, the lower 1 with same bent pink arm. I think some of the other later pictures which are queried are showing 2 people at the windows, stacked 1 above the other, not side by side, as the window was only wide enough for 1 persons shoulders to get out. Remember, the smoke is obscuring the image, and its just a split second image of moving subjects, and that alone can cause all sorts of false images on digitally captured photos

  2. Holy fuck you're stupid.

    1. Holy fuck your either a shill or to brainwashed to understand any of this

  3. Seriously. Do you even "Research" your so called "Research Review. If you had ever been inside the Towers before they fell, you would know this is all bs. Here is a link for your future reference:

    It's an article that tells little kids about the trade towers,but you can skip it, just look at the pictures. Look at some of the pictures of what the windows looked like from the inside. Then you'll see that your 7ft window had two separate pains of glass in it. one on the bottom that's aprox. 2ft high and one on the top about 5ft. When you take that into consideration then people aren't suddenly hanging out of steel, they're hanging out of the bottom pain of the glass, and people aren't over 7" tall there just a little over 5" and are standing on the bottom pain of the glass. To say this was a false flag operation is one thing, it's even possible. But to say no died, that's just insensitive, and really idealistic. Honey this is a mean world, full of greedy people, and in there point of view it is easier and cheaper to kill, then to fake deaths.