Monday, November 10, 2014

9/11 , Deja Vu , and "The Matrix"; Addendum

9/11 , Deja Vu , and "The Matrix"; Addendum - 14 Random Examples of Pre- Strike US M.S.M. Network Synchronicity

[14 Screen Shots Taken From Simon Shack's"Synched Out" Movie Showing Pre- Plane Strike Synchronicity of All 5 MSM Networks]

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Screen Shot Explanation: 

For all figs below: 

Top left quadrant = ABC "live";                                 top right quadrant = CBS "live", 

bottom left quadrant= FOX "live";                bottom right quadrant= NBC"live"

                          Smaller Center square [position varies] = CNN"live".

N.B. All screen shots are taken from Simon Shack's "Synched Out" video. Times shown [bottom left] are for the  time the  screen shot was taken from main video. e.g. "1:22" in fig.1 corresponds to the 1 minute and 22 sec. point of the "Synched Out" movie itself. 

N.B. 2. :All figs appear, 1 through 14, in the same order in which they occur both in "Synched Out" and in the  original "live" broadcasts. 

                            To enlarge any image below, please "click" directly on it.

Fig. 1: ABC = CBS, FOX = CNN

Fig 2: ABC= CBS, [=NBC?]

Fig 3: ABC= CBS= NBC

Fig 4: ABC=CBS=Fox


Fig 6: ABC= FOX & CBS=CNN[center frame]

Fig 7: ABC= FOX= NBC[closeup]



Fig 10: ABC= CBS=FOX

Fig 11: ABC= CBS

Fig 12: ABC=CBS & FOX=CNN[small square bottom center]

Fig 13: As Simon says: "ABC= CBS= CNN" perfectly synchronised"

Fig 14: FOX=NBC & ABC= CNN

                                    But Then,  Suddenly, At 5:41 In "Synched Out" Everything Goes Mysteriously,   "Out of Synch", and the plane hits WTC2 on CBS and yet is still in flight on ABC?:

And Now, Let The Fireball Shenanigans Commence ! :

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