Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fake Zapruder ['63] V. Fake Fox 5 [2001]


First of all, let me just mention that I am in no way a JFK assassination fact "freak" or expert, and so I have perhaps not seen many of the other videos that analyze the world famous Zapruder footage, but I have to say that this video is easily the best one I've seen to date, for a number of reasons.

1] It's short- only 10 minutes or so.

2] It is very clear and "to the point"

3] It analyses the Zapruder footage in a completely different way from what I've seen in other analyses':

 By analyzing the heretofore concealed layers of the movie, it shows it to be a composite of at least two layers, [presumably made from one original] ; where the foreground [ i.e JFK's limo etc.] and the background, [the spectators on the green], have been split off, then re-aligned, so that the original background and foregrounds were made to run out of synch with each other, thus creating a new, final  composite [i.e. what we now see as the Zapruder film]; that is, a false record of the events of that day, to hide whatever really did happen.

4] Zapruder Film Image Layering  Versus 9/11 Film Image Layering

My main point: the wholesale alteration of film imagery via an intricate layering process, although undoubtedly slower and more tedious to perform in the period 1963 -1975, I would assume, was obviously still doable back then [n.b.The Zapruder footage was not shown on network TV until until 1975 ] . 

The revealing of the fraudulent layering of the Zapruder movie to deliberately create  a false history is, I feel, very relevant to 9/11 and the alleged live TV video recordings of that day, as similar ,layering can be clearly seen in much of that allegedly "live" footage, also [ albeit computer generated]. 

For just one example, Simon Shack's analysis of the Fox5 video of Fl. 175's collision with WTC2 , clearly shows at least two extra  layers [not including the moving layer of the plane image itself] that were fabricated to create the fake "plane into building" footage broadcast "live" that morning on the Fox network:



And so it goes.....

"Layers of the onion", anyone?
 Regards, onebornfree.

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