Thursday, May 11, 2017

ABC's Magic "Spinning Towers"

[N.B. The ABC News clip above is excerpted from the official, on-line television archive for 9/11. ]

I'll say it again :" Nothing we saw on TV that morning "live from Manhattan"was genuine "live footage.""

In support of this "outrageous" claim, here's a video I recently came across that examines some original "live" broadcast 9/11 footage from US mainstream [nationwide] outlet ABC, called "The Spinning Towers".

Although I'm not a member there, I still visit Simon Shack's " September Clues" forums on a daily basis, and had not seen this particular, very simple analysis posted there before.

Maybe Simon and associated don't think much of it , or maybe it's there somewhere and I missed the post. I don't know at this time.

My Own "Logic" Applied:

I thought about it and concluded that although the twin towers sides would not change size relative to each other quite as obviously as the extreme distant objects in the shot move from left to right in the sequence- as the helicopter allegedly moved right to left across the scene [because those towers are closer to the camera], that even so, there should still be enough of a visible change in their size relative to each other from the camera's perspective so that the partially exposed, furthest  right side of the tower nearest the camera would either narrow significantly, or completely disappear from view, given the change in viewpoint of the heli-cam.

ABC's Magic Spinning Towers:

However, as  can be clearly seen in the video below, while the [presumed] helicopter circles the smoking towers right to left [as evidenced by the left to right motion of all of the background scenery],  the same tower sides somehow [magically]  constantly turn  to  face the camera lens, so that they are in fact always seen from the exact same angle/perspective throughout the sequence, despite the change in camera perspective caused by the continual movement of the helicopter across the scene right to left, as if the towers themselves were turning in place to always face the "camera" lens:


Logical conclusion? [For myself, anyways :-) ] :

 The entire ABC sequence above was faked, pre- 9/11.

 That is: the background, the foreground, the smoke, the towers, the helicopter perspective- all fake [i.e. 100% fake digital footage poorly manufactured/prefabricated, with 2nd or 3rd rate software on computers, prior to 9/11, then broadcast on 9/11 as being genuine live imagery] :-(  .

Questions/ Lies

Questions you might consider asking yourself, if you agree that the footage is fake "live footage":

1] If this scene, broadcast on 9/11 as live, right after the alleged second plane {Fl.175} struck WTC2, was in fact faked beforehand, why would you believe that any part of the rest of ABC's "live broadcast" of 9/11 , including the actual second plane into WTC2 sequence, and including all tower collapse imagery, was actually genuine?

2] If ABC was broadcasting faked "live footage" on 9/11, why would you believe that any of the other 4 mainstream national networks [ NBC, Fox, CBS and CNN] , which all showed almost identical imagery to that seen on ABC that morning, was in fact genuine?

Only you, dear reader, can answer those two questions. Have fun!

Regards, onebornfreeatyahoodotcom

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