Friday, July 20, 2018

Jim Fetzer and 9/11 Video Fakery - What's Going On Here?

Fig.1 Above a revealing still frame from the movie "September Clues". Question: how could all 5 mainstream US TV stations apparently use the exact same camera line- of-sight at the exact same time on the morning of 9/11? For answers, watch the full movie here, or here.[Youtube]

At Jim Fetzers blogsite I recently came across a "9/11 truth" article by former pilot John Lear [ now involved with the 9/11 truth group called "Pilots for 9/11 Truth" ] , that he [Fetzer] had re-posted from another site, entitled :

"John Lear: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 Twin Towers Were Not Hit By Nor Destroyed By Two Airliners"

Original John Lear article available here.

Early on in his re-posted article Mr. Lear states :

"....No Boeing 767 airlines hit either of the Twin Towers, as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors. All of the “evidence” to that effect, including video depictions, has been fabricated and can be forensically challenged......"

Let me repeat part of that statement [ in edited form for emphasis] :

"....All of the “evidence” to that effect, including video depictions, has been fabricated and can be forensically challenged......"

Veeeeeeery Interesting.....

This re-posting of Mr. Lear's article on Mr Fetzer's very own blog is very "interesting", to myself at least.

Let me explain.

Three [or more?] years ago I appeared 3 times on Mr Fetzer's radio show making the exact same claim; specifically that, to put it in Mr Lear's words yet again :

" ....All of the “evidence”.......including video depictions, has been fabricated and can be forensically challenged."

So Mr Fetzer now publishes the thoughts of this person who has now made the exact same claims as myself and others, who have been saying the exact same thing since around 2007-8, and who were then publicly ridiculed by Mr Fetzer in various articles and blog posts [ some of which archived here at the "Fakeologist" site ]?

Wh- wh-wh-wh- Whaaaaat?

Some Questions:

What exactly is going on here?

Does this mean that Mr Fetzer now believes what Mr Lear has, like myself, stated, i.e.:

" ....All of the “evidence”.... including video depictions, has been fabricated and can be forensically challenged." ?

Does this further mean that Mr Fetzer has had a change of heart and has now decided to "cease and desist" with the silly, childish name-calling that he publicly dished out towards myself, Simon Shack and others at his own blog and in his various "Veterans Today" articles [now deleted from the VT site]?

Or is this just some type of mental, or "technical" aberration/oversight on Mr Fetzer's part? Hmmm?

Or,  perhaps Mr Lear did not really mean what he clearly implied in his article [i.e. that all video "evidence" of planes hitting buildings was fabricated] ?

I/we await with baited breath for some clear, straight answers to these interesting questions , although I expect that none will be forthcoming :-)

And so it goes......

Regards, onebornfree

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  1. John Lear was an interesting character ... I thought he was pretty good on all of the 911stuff and then when he would close out his interviews he would go off about how we are all abductees and are taken aboard alien spacecraft at least twice in our lives. In other words, he was discrediting himself. Anyone referencing him would have to explain the abduction thing too.

    1. Hmm, thanks, I haven't got into Mr Lears background to date- apart from knowing he's apparently ex CIA.

      If what you say is true, it could well be that his role is to discredit the idea of September Clues,MSM video fakery on 9/11 etc. by appearing to also believe in "whack job" alien abductee stories etc. Wouldn't surprise me. :-)

      Regards, onebornfree

  2. Both the super-duper thermite gang 👥 and the super-duper nuclear gang 👥 are covering up the lack of high heat 🔥 when a careful observation of all the evidence concludes that the destruction was cold molecular disassociation produced by a type of directed energy. There is also the CGI/Remote controlled plane coverup gangs 👥 – when it was actually image projection of some kind. There are also gangs 👥 that coverup both lack of high heat and image projection technology.

  3. I don't think it's that difficult to see that John and I agree that no real planes hit either of the Twin Towers but that it was done using holograms. Here's a review of the bidding on 9/11 Truth with Louisa (9 September 2018) where I review a lot of the evidence: For those who want an introduction to the application of the principles of scientific reasoning (with is reasoning using the laws of nature: of physics, engineering, aerodynamics, etc) as premises, see "Thinking about 'Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK", In New York, we had real video of the image of a plane, which was a holographic projection, as John and I agree. The trick is to separate the authentic evidence from the fabricated and faked, which is especially challenging with JFK and with 9/11.

  4. >but that it was done using holograms

    Of course it was Jim. Because if it was just plain old video trickery then the secret you are gatekeeping is revealed - That ALL news media is centrally controlled and used to sell hoaxes like 911. And it been this way the entire 20th century.

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