Thursday, November 15, 2012

4 Real 9/11 WTC2 Collapse Photos- Or..?

9/11 Video and Photographic Fakery-The Sum of All The Evidence- a Demonstration

[Original photo research by Simon Shack and "Equinox"]

Below are 2 allegedly real photographs [the first below is actually a video "still" from an alleged live video by a "Ben Reisman"], depicting an alleged early moment in the miraculous, almost instantaneous [under 20 sec.s]  collapse of  WTC2 on 9/11. Notice both are taken from near identical angles/perspectives and at almost the exact same instant in time. Yet one displays a lamp-post and the other does not. 

If you think that the nearer viewpoint of the 2nd photo [Sancetta] would explain that, try making a screen shot from the Reisman still that successfully excludes the lamp-post, and yet still includes the exact same portion of the pyramid-shaped roof and gold ball on top for the [lower]building situated directly in front of the black building, as is seen in the second photo [Sancetta]. Good luck with that! 

Still Not Convinced Something's Wrong?

Now if that does not convince you that something is wrong- I understand, after all it is possible that Sancetta was in front of the lamp-post when that shot was taken and that accounts for the difference. 

However, now compare both Sancetta and Resiman's photos with another alleged photo depicting the same event from a similar angle, the Nilsson photo [1] below]. [Forget about photo 2 below for the moment].

 Notice anything odd? 

Last of all,  compare the Nilsson photo[1] above, with the Samoilova photo [2] above. 

Are we there yet? Remember-  in the big picture, it's the sum of all the evidence that leads to an ultimate conclusion- not one piece of evidence in particular. 

Regards, onebornfree.

Addendum/Update 11/17/12: 

Yet more versions of the WTC2 collapse "family" of photographs, such as these two , as compared by September Clues researcher "reel deal" take special note of the marvelously cloned smoke pattern on the left side of the smaller photo that gets overlayed onto the larger one! : 

"you forgot to comp the streetlight & flagpole."
"dont matter, cloned the tree & dustcloud instead..."
Update 11/29/ 12:  Same Scene Now 8 Authors!

Would you believe that as revealed by September Clues forum researcher "Equinox", there are now at least 8 slightly different versions of  almost exactly the  same famous Sancetta image seen above [2nd. image from top], all somehow miraculously capturing the exact same moment in time? 

Below are stills of some of these additional images. Some stills are from new, allegedly live video that was released by N.I.S.T. in 2010 as part of it's "Cumulus" information release, supposedly as the result of  Freedom of Information [F.O.I.A.] motion by some person or group [if you can believe even that!]

A question for you: do you believe that it is at all likely that 8 different photographers all happened to be in almost the exact same spot on 9/11, and that all 8 [and possibly more!] happened to shoot the almost exact same event/moment in time as depicted in these photos and stills from various videos? And what about the conflicting scenery shown? How do you explain that? "Perspective issues" perhaps?

Regards, onebornfree. 

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