Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Behold! Louis Mariani 9/11 Victim, Purple-Haired Punk-Rocker & King of Opera!

Here is an official photo of alleged 9/11 Flight 175 victim Louis Mariani: 


                                  So what's going on with Louis' hair? : 

Was Mr Mariani shaved bald, plus he had a badly fitting purple toupee ? 

Was his hair merely shaved off very high on the  side of his face [viewers right] leaving a  "Five- O' Clock shadow" above his left ear, and the rest of his purple [punk rock] hair-do in place? [Nice, going Louis!]

Was  his remaining hair really purple? 

Is that purple mass at  back right even supposed to be his own hair, or that of someone or something else standing behind him? 

Conclusion : If you think this is a real photo of a real person then you and I have some serious differences of opinion, I'd say ! 

This is not a real image of a real person, folks. It is just one of the 1000's of fake 9/11 victim images  manufactured with computer facial imagery morphing software, as exposed by the valiant researchers over at September Clues [see above link]. 

Most likely,the original model for the Mariani image was a former [now deceased] famous professional opera singer known as "Le Roi de L'Operette", [The King of Opera] one   Luis Mariano                                      

Original image comparisons courtesy Simon Shack /September Clues : tinyurl.com/911mariani

See also : "Inside Jokes of 9/11 and Our Future" by Stewart Ogilby

Regards, onebornfree


  1. I would like to tell you he is a real person and I find this post to be disgusting. I knew that man and you saying he never existed well you have issues. On 9/11 he was taking a flight to his step daughters wedding.

  2. Hey, Anonymous! I know you! I love seeing your comments on every website that debunks official "news". You are not just a shill. You are a nameless coward. You are a pitiful fraud but I love you.