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Craig McKee's "Truth and Shadows" Blog: Yet Another Fake 9/11 Photo!


I see that Mr Craig McKee at the so-called "Truth and Shadows" blog is up to his old tricks- that is, his apparently ongoing policy of posting obviously fake 9/11 photos, such as the one above [proof to follow below].

 Controlled Opposition

But what did I expect from a self-described "9/11 truther" anyway?

After all, the whole aim of the 9/11 "truther" movement is to obfuscate and lead people away from any real 9/11 truth, for as long as possible. 

In other words, I could be wrong on this, but the entire 9/11 "truther" movement [Steven Jones, Judy Wood, Alex Jones, Morgan Reynolds, Richard Hall, Ace Baker, Pilots For 9/11 Truth, "Loose Change" etc. etc.] appears to be nothing more than a controlled opposition, as far as I can see.

 As such McKee's site is chock full of either knowing shills or useful idiot contributors [ e.g. Hybridrogue1, Ruffadam, Adam Syed, Onesliceshort, Senor ElOnce ] all involved in an ongoing self conglatuary, pseudo-intellectual, mutual masturbation fantasy of ongoing total and perpetual self-delusion and denial of the 9/11 imagery fakery that took place during and after those alleged events, and continues to this day, on a massive scale.

McKee: Scam Artist or "Useful Idiot"? 

Meaning, either Mr McKee is "in on it" and a knowing contributor to the ongoing obfuscation himself, or he is simply a schmuck, a"useful idiot". 

Given his revealed bias to allow the individuals named above the right to attack /character assassinate anyone who posts there concerning the issue of imagery fakery [as I tried to do for 6-8 months before being shown the door], I would have to say at this juncture that Mr McKee appears to be a knowing insider whose job is to deliberately mislead- and that that  is also the goal of the nasty little "nest" of above named characters who make up his regular blog contributors, several of whom I am still seriously considering tracking down and  "visiting" in order to determine whether he/she/ they are  real persons, and, if so,  possibly beating the living shit out of all or some of them - [i.e. my version of a short course in internet manners ].

 The Story So Far-The Prior Case of Craig McKee's  Claimed Self-Removing [Fake]Photo

Up until a couple of months ago Craig McKee's "Truth and Shadows" blog had the following image posted on its site in a sidebar, so you saw it  on the right side of the post [regardless of the subject matter of the actual post] every time you loaded the front page, sort of like this:

Just For [More] Fun!

Because, for me, the photo at right is an obvious fraud, for a bit of fun I started badgering him about it, to the point that he eventually removed it from his site.

When I noticed it was gone and questioned him about that, he claimed that effectively it had removed itself! [I kid you not :-)] and that he had nothing to do with it! 

Regardless, I had previously made him aware of the 8-10 other similar photos by linking to an article of my own. So if you wish to explore why I believe that this "award-winning photo " by one "Amy Sancetta" is a blatant fraud, click here for more info.

N.B.: Additional Evidence For The Sancetta Image Being Fake:

For the purposes of this article, [as I really want to draw your attention to the main subject of this post, i.e. the fake photo at the top of this page that Mr McKee currently has posted as a "genuine 9/11 photo"], all that I would add by way of commentary to what you'll find in my other post concerning the Sancetta [fake] photo is below, where I draw your attention to the almost perfect triangle , or chevron, of smoke that sits on top of the building below my red lines and question mark [ Q: does smoke really form in 2 almost perfectly straight lines  at a 90 degree angle, in real life? ]: 

And So, Onward and Upward! [to the main point of this article]:

First [again]   Craig McKee's "Truth and Shadows"  photo:
Photo Source? 

There are at least 2 sources for the still shot McKee used on his blog. Below are gifs, courtesy of , summarizing these possible sources. The names  Robert Clark,  Tina Cart,  refer to the original stills or videos from which the shots were extracted and then compared in the gif analysis done at  :

Image[Here are links to original [or close to] sources from which the above gifs were extracted:  " Robert Clark , Tina Cart, 
[N.B. the very fact that these two photographers allegedly shot the exact same imagery, at the exact same moment in time, as evidenced by the picture perfect overlays achieved, should really be enough of a clue for anyone, even with half their brain tied behind their back, to the fact that these images are fraudulent, but for those of you with largely non-functioning brains, here below is yet more "in your face" evidence as to the blatant fakery of these images.]  
[N.B. 2, Also note the low resolution/definition of the original imagery, as compared to the re-rendered version posted at McKee's blog- see next image below.]

Why The McKee Photo Is Demonstrably Fake -The Beauty of Enhanced, Re- Rendered, Higher Definition, "Authentic" 9/11 Imagery!

So, obviously, the McKee/Truth and Shadows Photo is most likely from one of these two sources [i.e. Cart/ Clark] originally, but even if its not, it does not matter- its still a fake! 

Since the original 9/11 network and "amateur" videos and still photos were made public, in order to constantly reinforce the "reality" of the events of 9/11, the perps have found it necessary to improve the original, extremely poor quality and low resolution of all of that original imagery, [especially since 2007 ], and to constantly bombard the general public with this new improved imagery via its propaganda machine, the mainstream media.   

And so, to this day, the public is, via the usual mainstream media propaganda outlets, more or less continually hit with higher than original resolution "new" 9/11 images , which are in fact nothing more than re-renderings of the original low resolution imagery. The newer higher resolution photos/videos are supposed to convince us all that these photos/videos are real. [Question: why was ALL of the original footage and stills of such low quality? ]

What's nice about re-renderings [i.e. better image  resolution/definition by the perps, so it looks more "convincing" than the original]  is that it actually works against them, as it makes it even easier to spot the blatant fakery of the images, including this one!

  9/11 Video Fakery 101: Sunlight Does Not Lie!

So Is It [Sunlight direction/angle]? :

Or Is It? :

'Nuff Said? 

[Of course I do not expect Mr McKee and the assorted shills, clowns and doofii over at "Truth and Shadows" to ever "get" what's right in their faces- but do you, yet, dear reader?]

Regards, onebornfree. 

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