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9/11 Scams:The Faked "Live" CNN WTC1 Collapse Footage


The above gif file, composed by Simon Shack  is a double speed record of  original archive of  CNN's supposedly "live" broadcast of WTC1's collapse on the morning of 9/11.[WTC2 having already allegedly collapsed by this time].

 [Update 09/19/13: CNN's remarkably well timed camera "zoom-in": it should be noted that prior to the collapse itself shown above, the CNN camera performs a remarkably prescient "zoom-in" from about 1 mile away to somewhere "up close and personal"- a camera "zoom-in" that remarkably stops at the exact same moment that the the towers disintegration starts. I have added Simon Shacks gif file of that remarkably prescient CNN "zoom-in" as an addendum to this post at the bottom of the page- onebornfree.]

You gotta hand it to that CNN studio editor- talk about fast reactions!

10 Second Collapse, Or Close To 20 sec.'s Shown Here?

Elsewhere it is often claimed that seismic records [or video footage even] indicate a total collapse time for WTC1 of 10 sec.s or even less, that is, the whole 500,000 ton steel and concrete building allegedly collapsed in about the same amount of time that it would take a billiard ball, dropped from the same height [1300 ft.], in a vacuum [i.e. no air resistance], to reach the ground [9.22 sec.s] 

But even an 18 sec total collapse time as depicted above is  impossible, in my opinion, unless via instantaneous [nuclear? direct energy ?] demolition of all parts of the entire structure is postulated, which are possibilities, I suppose, assuming the videos and photos  depicting the various tower collapses could be relied on as genuine evidence.

But they cannot be so relied on as genuine, in my opinion. 

This article presents a couple of reasons why it behooves a 9/11 investigator to distrust all of the original live tower collapse  imagery as shown on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS , Fox, etc. 

Reason 1:  Amazing CNN Camera "Live"Editing!

 Regardless of alleged collapse time [ a minor distraction ultimately, I would say] , instead take note of the fact that according to this archived CNN footage, in the space of an allegedly live , sudden, unexpected total collapse of WTC1 in under 20 seconds, the studio editor [or whatever he/she is called] managed to switch camera angles  3, or possibly 4 times!

Cher-rist! Those guys were really good!

Reason 2: Horrendous Image Quality

Please also examine the appalling image quality on display here, [ e.g. see especially "Camera 3" and "Camera 4" feeds, screenshots below ], from cameras  equipped with lenses that routinely [circa 2001] cost anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 ! 

 [ See related post on overall MSM 9/11 broadcast image quality, or lack thereof, here.]

Mr Shack's 2x speed gif was made from the original CNN 'live" footage archived here. 

[N.B. Mr Shack's files are in the original, higher resolution MPEG file format. Since he originally downloaded/copied those online archives, their format has been changed to the new, current, online lower resolution FLV format.]

    [Click on images to enlarge]

As a small reminder of what the quality of real pre 9/11 imagery looks like compared to those two CNN samples, see this example :

 [ For more examples of real , pre-9/11 photos, see related post on overall MSM 9/11 broadcast image quality, or lack thereof, here.

Regards, onebornfree.

Update 09/06/13:  Simon Shacks 2 gifs below contrast the collapse imagery taken by one "Etienne Sauret", with that of  MSNBC .

 As both sequences commence, please note the tiny white building situated on the top right corner of  WTC1's roof. Also note the identical smoke patterns. 

And yet the WTC1's antenna appears to fall in opposite directions in these two sequences:

Addendum/update 09/19/13 : CNN's Remarkable Zoom-In Prior To WTC1's Collapse:

Gif by Simon Shack, www.Septemberclues.info

Note how this shot/sequence starts miles away from the tower, then does one long zoom-in to the tower that stops A SPLIT-SECOND before the collapse commences! Yet another remarkable camera zoom coincidence [there are many in the "live" archived 911 feeds.

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