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9/11 Scams: The Faked "Award Winning" Amy Sancetta WTC2 "Tilt" Photo + Clones


                         Fig. 1                                                              Fig. 2

Fig.s  1 + 2 . Left Image Credited to "Amy Sancetta" of the Associated Press. [Click on images to enlarge]

Q: does smoke really form in 2 almost perfectly straight lines  at a 90 degree angle, in real life?  

More WTC 2  "Tilt Photo" Smoke Shenanigans:


 Fig.3  "you forgot to comp the streetlight & flagpole."'dont matter, cloned the tree & dustcloud instead..."  [Above gif file comp and humorous comments by "Reel Deal" @] [Click on image to enlarge]




Fig. 4: ReelDeal Gif overlay repeated[cloned] smoke pattern x 3 on left of picture, trees added, lightpole & flagpole[?] missing.  [Click on images to enlarge]

9 Or 10 Other Sancetta-Like Photos?

There are, at this time at least 8 or 9 [possibly 10] other examples suspiciously similar to the Sancetta image, meaning, we are supposed to believe that at least 8 or 9, or more, pro photographers [or "amateurs"?]  were all miraculously standing in almost the exact same spot relative to WTC2  on 9/11 and all of them managed to click their shutters at the exact same moment in time to capture the start of the collapse of WTC2. Here is a still from a video allegedly shot by one "Ben Reisman", for example:

                                    Ben Reisman Vs. Amy Sancetta Images:

Fig. 5 Ben Reisman                    Fig. 6 Amy Sancetta

                            [Click on images to enlarge]

Q: Try making a screen shot from the Reisman still that successfully excludes the lamp-post, and yet still includes the exact same portion of the pyramid-shaped roof and gold ball on top for the [lower]building situated directly in front of the black building, as is seen in the second photo [Sancetta]. Good luck with that! 

Still Not Convinced Something's A Little "Off" Here?:

Now if that does not convince you that something is wrong- I understand, after all it is possible that Sancetta was in front of the lamp-post when that shot was taken and that accounts for the difference. However: 

Here are 2 more "tilt" photos [ Nilsson and Samoilova] compared to the Sancetta photo by Simon Shack at

Lets compare them side by side :

[1] Amy Sancetta Vs Thomas Nilsson:

         Sancetta                                   Nilsson  
                     [Click on images to enlarge]

aaaand [2] Sancetta  Vs.  Samoilova: 


              Sancetta                                       Samoilova 
                          [Click on images to enlarge]

                   aaaaaaaaaand, Nilsson Vs, Samoilova                

Nilsson                                 Samoilova 
 [Click on images to enlarge]

aaaaaaaaand onebornfree's very own FREE, BONUS COMPARISON! : [4] Nilsson Vs. Reisman: 


                       Nilsson                                     Reisman

                            [Click on images to enlarge]

Are we there yet? 

Remember-  in the big picture, it's the sum of all the evidence that leads to an ultimate conclusion- not one piece of evidence in particular. 

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  1. You forgot to point out, unless you did the "clone work" that the enhanced portion of the Tilting building shows the window grill going horizontal across the face of the tilted portion, not vertical as it would look.