Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 Real 9/11 WTC2 Collapse Photos Or.....?

To update my original 11/13/12 post titled"4 Real 9/11 WTC2 Collapse Photos- Or..?", intrepid researcher/archiver "Equinox" has now revealed that we now are now up to a total of at least 10, entirely contradictory versions of the award winning [fake] Amy Sancetta  shot [Sancetta's is the bottom left pic in the 3rd screen shot below] of the WTC2 top allegedly tilting on collapse initiation. 

That is, we are supposed to believe that there were  [now] 7 heroic photographers, and 3 heroic videographers, all standing in the same location, and they all knew exactly when to focus on WTC2 because it was about to collapse? 

Heh! I am looking forward to many more additions to my fake 9/11 WTC2 collapse photo collection! Keep up the great work Equinox!

Regards, onebornfree.

    pic 1
       Pic 2                          
     Pic 3.

Brian Kiederling

Alfie Alvarado

September 2001, ZDF History Dokumentation (un known shooter) 

Luigi Cazzaniga 

2002 documentary "In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01. Unnown shot.

Ben Riesman

Thomas Nilsson

Gulnara Samoilova

Amy Sancetta

Barry Weiss

N.B. Some More Examples of the Exact Same, Strangely Coincidental, Multi-Cameraperson  Phenomena: 

Below is another clear example of multiple photographers who were all apparently shooting from almost the exact same angle on 9/11, this time - Robert Clarke, Tina Cart, Wolfgang Staehle, CBS , and the magical Naudet Brothers [heroically shooting from both sides of the river].



So here we have 5- 9/11 shots, all apparently [and mysteriously] taken from the exact same location!  [Although the Naudet shot was admittedly "taken" some time after the others.] 

  Hmmmm..... heroic indeed!: 

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