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Is The "Truth and Shadows" Blog Just Another Shill/Perp. Site?

[onebornfree commentary: On Jan13 th.  2013, Craig Mckee the alleged owner/writer of the conspiracy blog "Truth and Shadows" banned me from posting further comments after a {roughly} 6 month time period there. However, he did not post my last comment to him, in which I suggested that either he was a willing participant in a "limited hangout" cover up of 9/11 and other recent psy-ops and the importance of both wholesale mainstream media video fakery and willing actors in all of these modern alleged events, if not earlier ones that pre-date the internet age;  after all, McKee apparently has pre-existing mainstream media connections...  or, that his  regular forum participants {a sorry bunch of clowns indeed} , most likely were, given the consistent {i.e day in ,day out} overtly nasty responses to my own, initially very polite , comments there. 

My  banning there occurred  in this thread. If you read my published comments there you can perhaps get a better idea of what was going on, but my last post {unpublished by McKee , published in it's entirety below}, gives a pretty good summation of  the story to date, so there is probably no need to read my earlier posted comments- unless you are a glutton for punishment :-) . Regards, onebornfree]. 


[Update 05-20-13 related post :" Craig McKee's "Truth and Shadows" Blog: Yet Another Fake 9/11 Photo!"]

"@ Craig McKee :

To sum up, where are we? I have posted comments/assertions concerning media fakery for the [roughly] 6 months I have posted here. Very early on my posts attracted regular insults and character assassinations from [at least] 4 of your regular posters here.

All of these persons [assuming they are not bots- which may well be the case] were subsequently informed that I would no longer respond to their err... "observations" . For around 4-5 months I have kept my word, and, while continuing to post my assertions, have [mostly] studiously ignored their idiotic "comments" [apart from various baiting "asides" aimed at them while commenting to others, such as yourself].

On the sniveling, whining demands of aforementioned idiotii [e.g OSS, HB1, AR,]  you now wish to try to compel me to give up my freedom of choice to interact with whom I want to here, when I want to, and to try to compel me  to to interact with these proven, on record, lying scumbags.

As I said before, I do not go back on my word, for you, nor for anyone else.

The very fact that you would ask someone to go back on their word indicates to me that you have no problem with doing that yourself [going back on _your_ word] , which means that we have very "different" [to put it kindly] personal moralities.

Assuming you do simply have a "different" personal morality from myself [and you are not  just a hypocrite , just a person whose word cannot be trusted because you are willing to go back on it, just as you  apparently believe I should],  then from my point of view, why on earth would I trust you to judge "what’s reasonable and respectful" , and give up my freedom of choice to respond to who I want, when I want to [a freedom of choice which all other posters currently enjoy here],  and instead put that choice in your hands ?

This lack of trust of you on my part is further compounded by the fact that in another comment in this thread you actually thank the lying bag of $hit HB1 for his many "contributions" here. You have got to be kidding me!

If this does not graphically demonstrate an extreme bias on your own part towards this particular self-aggrandising, self-important, pseudo-intellectual, pseudo -scientific, pompous, prevaricating, sycophantic lying bag of $hit, I don't what does!

 And you expect me to actually interact with him/it  here, based on his/its pretended short term, suck-up sycophantic politeness, according to _your_  ever-changeable standards of  "what’s reasonable and respectful" ?

And pigs might fly!

The only interaction I might seriously consider in the future with that particular lowlife vermin would perhaps be  "up close and personal" , with my trusty old Mag. 44 [and there would not be any singing or guitar accompaniment on my part either :

Youtube music link 

, _not_ on an internet forum loosely moderated by a person already demonstrably pre-biased towards this very same entities alleged "many valuable contributions",  who has historically had free reign to insult whomever, whenever he /it chooses, on a daily, if not hourly basis, fer crying out loud!

Mr McKee, either you are an extremely naive individual, or this blog is all part of the plan and just another 9/11 and similar events "honeypot" designed to attract and further distract/confuse.   Thus we have the ongoing spectacle of two certifiable idiots [or deliberate disinfo agents in league],  eternally arguing/bickering over whether the wholly fake  MSM and amateur tower collapse videos ultimately "prove" that nano-thermite,D.E.W. or thermonuclear devices were used to destroy the WTC complex.

Contrary to your  earlier statement : "I firmly believe the media are complicit, and I think most people in the Truth movement do also." , I'd say that nothing could be further from the truth.

Fuck the "truth movement", it is horseshit, _all_ of it. The "truth movement" is nothing more than a controlled opposition  firmly dedicated to obscuring the truth of  _total_media complicity, whether it be for 9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora or elsewhere.

If naive, then you are apparently unaware that [for example] the entire 9/11 "Truth Movement"  is, as I stated, an entirely controlled opposition dedicated to the complete removal, everywhere on the internet and elsewhere, of any serious discussion of wholly faked MSM videos on 9/11. This subject/line of questioning [ total media fakery] is simply verboten within this alleged "truth movement".

As such, the primary goal of the 9/11 "Truth Movement" [i.e. the controlled opposition], is to fully protect/reinforce the integrity/"truthfulness" of the state's primary source of  its own propaganda [i.e lies] -  the MSM [TV and newspapers/ magazines]. It must protect the believability of the MSM at all costs- and that is exactly what it is doing, via its representatives both here and elsewhere.

This controlled opposition consists of [to name just a few of its leaders] : the "Loose Change" crowd and associated, Alex Jones, Steven Jones, Judy Wood, David Ray Griffin, Jesse Ventura, Morgan Reynold's , Richard Hall and Pilot's for Truth,  and all of their many acolytes/sycophants [including those here].

Each of these named individuals is engaged in a full frontal, take no prisoners, attack  on anyone  seriously questioning the authenticity of the original MSM 9/11 broadcasts, and by extension, the authenticity of  both the  4 alleged plane flights, and of all of the alleged "live" building collapse sequences and still photos.

Likewise, the goal for  each of the sorry excuses for human beings [if they are not bots] who frequent this blog, and with who I have completely  refused to interact with, [aside from the occasional retort/insult],  is also most likely to deliberately [i.e. with forethought and malice] remove the entire question of wholesale MSM fakery on 9/11, and of fake plane and tower collapse imagery etc. from _your_ blogsite.

And it looks like they may well have been successful- aided and abetted by _you_.[ My most hearty congratulations  :-) ]

If not the intentional goal of these posters, then they are all simply too dumb/stupid to understand that they did not/do not have to read _any_ of my comments [let alone reply to them], as I do not have to read or reply to any of their psuedo- scientific "expert" horse$hit, and that they are not somehow entitled to only read points of view here entirely like their own, nor do they have a "right" to demand "a debate" from any person that they have continually, from day one , demeaned [again with, I might add, your own full approval].

Furthermore, if that is the case [i.e these posters are just plain stoopid] - after all, you have to pretty dim to seriously embrace their hilarious "kinetic energy" "plane into building like  knife through butter" hypothesis"-  then why the hell would I want to waste my precious time debating any of these clowns?  When I think back, the only two [or three?] decent conversations  I've had on this site over the last 6 months have been with yourself and "Dennis" [thank you, and thank you Dennis]. Every one else here has completely failed my own  standards for discussion [which really are not that high].

Failing your banning of me immediately for being straight with you here , I see 2 choices for me:

1] I am allowed to continue to make subject appropriate assertions about video fakery and related and to freely respond to whomever I choose to, _when_ I chose to. [i.e. the same rules that presently  apply to everyone else here] ,

2] I choose to sink to the level of the lowest common denominator here [i.e. HB1] and merely post insults and retorts [ assertions]  at whomever I like, whenever the mood takes me [which I envision, would not be too often],  and when that novelty wore off I simply just ride off into the sunset, seeking less obviously biased venues to post to.

No regards, onebornfree.

P.S. the self- erasing from your site [or so you claim] , faked, award winning, [isn't that enough of a clue to its falsity for you?]  Amy Sancetta WTC2 collapse photo that until recently graced your front page, now has 10 willing imitators [up 2 more from last time I brought this to your attention] ! That is, now there are 3 videographers, and 7 photographers all claiming to have occupied a similar location -all of them being so prescient so as to click their cameras within milliseconds of each other, or to have started their video cameras and performed miraculous zoom-ins right on cue. I, of course, look forward to many more additions to these 10 astounding, heroic photographers over the coming months/years! :

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