Saturday, January 19, 2013

Onebornfree/Jim Fetzer Radio Show Interview No. 2

On December 28th, 2012, I was a guest on Dr. Jim Fetzer's "Real Deal" radio show [actually a podcast] for the second time, again to discuss the Richard Hall 9/11 holographic plane image theory, after I had previously emailed Dr. Fetzer a link to my 4 part analysis of the Hall hypothesis.  

My Hall analysis was largely inspired by my first interview by Dr. Fetzer where I had tried to rationally discuss problems with the Hall hypothesis with him, only to be met with derision and "pooh-poohing" by Dr. Fetzer, sad to say. [On the 2nd interview he was a lot more respectful, to his credit].

The  2nd. Fetzer/Onebornfree "Real Deal" radio interview can be heard here. My first appearance on "The Real Deal" can be heard here. 

My Reason for Appearing On Dr. Fetzer's Radio Show? 

My reason,  as  also stated in the comments section for the interview, where listeners to the show can post  their own comments : 

"Just in case any of you are not getting the "big picture" point of my Richard Hall critique under discussion in my interview with Jim Fetzer here, it is simply that according to my understanding of the scientific methodology [as represented by statement 2 in my interview], and regardless of whether you the listener/reader [at this time] believe that the 2 data sets and the 20+ videos he uses to formulate his hypothesis are real, or fake, the fact of the matter is that Mr Hall made no attempt to verify [ independently of each other] the authenticity of those videos and data sets, but has instead pre-assumed their authenticity, then used one form of assumed genuine evidence to "prove" that other types of evidence were "authentic".

My point being that his pre-bias towards the authenticity of the "evidence" he used is wholly unscientific, methodologically speaking.

Furthermore , to the degree that profs Jones and Wood [ or other "scientists"]  have relied on video and photographic "evidence" to formulate their own hypothesis' , they are as equally guilty of entirely ignoring the scientific methodology in order to reach their conclusions to date.

The question is, why? Are they all paid disinformation agents, or, are they simply so culturally brainwashed [via government indoctrination/school systems] that they are all entirely unable to even think of questioning the authenticity of "evidence" either from the media, or from the government itself?

Regards, onebornfree

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