Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EVERY Pixel Of This Plane Flight Video Was Artificially Created!

[full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsxsDwFj6nE  ]

Many thanks to clues info forum researcher "Nonhocapito" for bringing this video to my attention. 

To directly quote Nonhocapito: 

"Everything is computer-generated in this video. The author labels this "very dangerous software in the wrong hands", but it is a coy comment. We know (and he knows) this has been "in the wrong hands" for quite a long time. [obf's emphasis] The only difference is that such a level is now available to anyone, or at least to anyone willing to put enough knowledge, time and money into it. 

On one hand, this could almost be good news, in the sense that with time a more compelling perception of the real depths of fakery could reach a wider public (at least the one educated in computer technology and video techniques). On the other, it can be discouraging to think how difficult it is becoming to pinpoint rendering flaws."

The creator of this video " The Faking Hoaxer" says

A small test using new software. Nothing here is real apart from the sound. My god, very dangerous software in the wrong/right hands.  I think the sound makes it more real than it isn't." 

So the question remains, dear reader, do you really believe that this type of software [perhaps not as sophisticated but good enough] was not available to the military and government in 2001? 

regards, onebornfree.

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