Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Plane Facts About 9/11

Both  plane/ tower "hits" were allegedly by a plane of US airliner shape/dimensions, usually described as being a Boeing 757 or 767. 

The alleged speed of the flight of Fl. 175, immediately prior to its "hit" on WTC2 was supposedly around 587 mph. 

That figure [587 mph approx.] was  presumably computed  by measuring the speed of the passage of the plane image, versus the frame speed per second of the individual videos clearly showing the plane image's passage [from right to left- or left to right, depending], prior to impact. 

For example, from this Fox video, perhaps:



A Plane Fact About Plane Speeds: 

Each tower was 1300 ft. tall. The plane strike on film occurs below 1000 ft.

It was/ is impossible for a 757/67 or similar type jetliner to travel at anything like 587 mph at 1000 ft. and lower.

567 mph. = Maximum Cruising Speed At 35,000 ft.

500+ mph [or thereabouts] is in fact the speed routinely used [for fuel economy purposes] by airliners at their cruising altitude of around 35,000 ft. 

Fact: At 35,000 ft. the air is one fourth the density it is at 1000 ft. and below - meaning that the 4x air resistance encountered by an airliner at 1000 ft. and below is  enough to prevent it from ever traveling through  the far denser air at that official strike speed of 587 mph.  

If a pilot [automatic or real world] tried to fly the plane at that speed at the altitude of 1000 ft. and lower, the plane would quickly break up/lose its wings- they'd be literally torn off by the increased air pressure battering and shaking the aircraft's frame. 

Plane Engines Cannot Handle Extra Air

Furthermore,  the planes engine air intakes are physically unable to handle the increased amount of [denser] air they would encounter at 1000 ft. and below at the alleged speed of 587 mph.

The top, speed of a 757 type airliner at 1000ft and below is around 250 mph, if even that

Plane's Impossible Maneuvers

Also, the plane , regardless of whether it was piloted via remote control or by a real life pilot, would never be able to perform the sharp diving descent and swerve first right, and then left [from the "pilot perspective"] that is clearly seen in the CBS "live" clip of Fl.175's supposed last 16 sec.s . :



A Simple To Reach Conclusion:

As it was/is impossible for an airliner to get anywhere near the officially claimed airspeed of 587 mph at 1000 ft., any allegedly live recorded video that shows a plane image  moving at that approximate speed frame to frame must be a fraud, regardless of source. 

Regards, onebornfree.

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