Sunday, September 27, 2015

Some 9/11 "Predictive Programming Examples

9/11 Predictive Programming?

For many years prior to 2001, the events of 9/11 were seemingly forecast, or alluded to, by the media, in newspapers, magazines, TV shows and movies. There are hundreds of examples of this.

In conspiracy theory circles this phenomena is called "predictive programming".

From Wikipedia [ ]:

"Predictive programming: 

This theory posits that media outlets produce media (generally fictional media such as popular films, television shows, novels, etc.) that include images of events such as terrorist attacks, epidemics, or other natural or man-made disasters with the intent of programming the general population to accept such events as plausible, so that when the government undertakes such operations in the future, the public will be predisposed to believe the operations are actually terrorist actions and not government actions. "

Here are four examples of what is considered 9/11 predictive programming [click on an image to enlarge] :

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