Monday, November 18, 2013

Onebornfree On Jason Herb's "Faux Capitalist" Radio Show 11/17/13

On November 17th I appeared for a full 2 hours on Jason Herb's "Faux Capitalist" radio show, to discuss my somewhat controversial views on the events of 9/11. You can listen to the archived show here:Faux Capitalist Radio Show Archive [with no ads or audio breaks]

Links to some of the various topics covered in my discussion with Jason:

Item: My last appearance [09/27/13] on Jim Fetzer's "Real Deal" radio show, and my resultant blog post[which Mr Fetzer did not take kindly to :-) ]

Item: Faked WTC1 live collapse footage with miracle CNN camera zooms/edits.

Item: Alleged Fl.175 passenger victim Louis Mariani

Item: 9/11's Faked Victims ["Vicsims"]

Item: The extremely low resolution of all of the original "live" MSM camera footage. 

Item: Noam Chomsky article on US University "brainwashing" of media TV anchor persons etc.. 

Regards, onebornfree.

More about "Onebornfree"  :

"Onebornfree", or "O.B.F".  is the generic, 15+ year online business name for my internet persona and various entrepreneurial activities]:

 In no particular order, I am an alternative psychologist and alternative health/fitness consultant ,

Personal Freedom Consultant,

 a Financial Safety Consultant,

and a  musician [singer/guitarist, mostly blues/jazz stylings] and published songwriter.

See also: Onebornfree's  Mythbusters and Freedom Network blog
[various articles]   

"Onebornfree" Radio interviews [ About 9/11]: 

Jim Fetzer "Real Deal" interview 09/27/13 

Jim Fetzer "Real Deal" interview  12/28/12  [discussing Richard Halls holographic plane image theory plus the scientific investigation methodology in relation to 9/11 investigations] 

Other [non- J. Fetzer ] radio show appearances on 9/11 and related : 

 John Friends Realist Report 10/30/13

AbIrato/Fakeologist Radio Show[1] 



Austrian Economic theory and related: 

Faux Capitalist Radio Show 09/15/13 w/ host Jason Erb] : 

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