Monday, May 5, 2014

The WTC2 Top-Tilt Scam

So, In Which Direction Did The WTC2 top really tilt - North, South, or To the East? 

[This post, as with most in this blog, was inspired by the 9/11 research of Simon Shack, specifically, his February 21st, 2014, 5:13 pm post titled "WTC2 ROOFTOP TILT ANGLE(S)" ]

Well, the answer is, it depends on which  "genuine" WTC2 top tilt photo" you happen to be looking at at any particular time :-) .

To start us off on our brief little WTC2 top -tilt direction investigation, here is the "award winning" famous [so it must be genuine, right?]  WTC2 top-tilt photo by one "Amy Sancetta"[ and please don't fail to notice the almost perfect, pyramid-shaped smoke pattern above the WTC2's top. If you cannot see it please visit here]

Fig.1: The "genuine", "award-winning" Amy Sancetta photo clearly depicts the top of the WTC2 tilting due South, yes?

Next up , another er, "genuine" WTC2 top-tilt photo  :

Fig. 2 : WTC2 Top-tilt photo taken from almost due- North of the WTC complex. Notice how, for this particular "genuine" WTC2 top-tilt photo, the top is shown to be clearly tilting due East, not South.

N.B.  Professor Judy Wood's Blatant Photo Contradictions:

 The above  two photo's [Figs. 1 and 2], showing the WTC2 top-tilt directly to the South [Fig. 1], and at the almost exact same moment in time, due East [Fig. 2],  appear SIDE BY SIDE on Judy Wood's 9/11 research site. 

Q: so which is it Ms Wood, did the WTC2 tilt due South, as per Fig. 1, or did it tilt due East, as per Fig. 2? enquiring minds want to know ! [ Don't tell me, it tilted in both directions, simultaneously, right ? :-) ]

My Mistake- I Take It All Back- It Tilted Neither Due South, nor Due East, but Due North! : 

Fig. 3: No no no, you fools! OBVIOUSLY,the WTC2 tilted North!

Fig. 4: No, it was South I tell you!!

Fig.5 : No, you frickin' idiots! Quite clearly there was NO WTC2 top tilt  at all!! 

Regards, obf.

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