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9/11 Video & Victim Fakery and"The Matrix", Versus Your Freedom

Or: The Complete 9/11 Psy-op : Computer Simulated Plane Crashes,  Computer Simulated  Building Collapses; and Computer Generated [Faked] Victim Photos. [Updated from the original, May 2014].

N.B. This short essay was written primarily for the benefit of myself, to try to update/clarify my current position on all things 9/11 at this time, and also for those persons who have like myself, mostly via the research of people like Simon Shack and his Cluesforum members, reached all 3 of the "Red Pill" conclusions listed below. If you have not reached those 3 conclusions, you are free to leave your outraged/hysterical comments  and/or entirely derogatory remarks, at this blog site if you like -but don't expect a reply-  I have neither the time, the patience, nor the intention of endlessly discussing/debating with anyone who disagrees with any/all of those 3 listed "Red Pill " conclusions, for free with you, dear reader, either here, or elsewhere [possible exception: maybe on a radio show]. As far as I am concerned, you are free to believe whatever you want to about the events of 9/11, it is really none of my business at this time.  If you want  to  make it my business you are going to have to pay me [one way or another ] for my time/energy, me being a "filthy capitalist pig" , and all that :-) . Regards onebornfree.

[Update 07/01/14: On 06/28/14 I was interviewed on the "DustBan" Radio show by Banazir and Dusty, specifically about the article below.]

Congratulations, You've Seen Through "The Matrix" !

Meaning, you took that infamous "Red Pill", and I assume you now know "how deep the rabbit hole" really goes [i.e. a lot deeper than the average 9/11 researcher, let alone "Joe Six-Pack", appears to understand].

To be more specific:

"Red Pill" Point [1]: The "Live" Footage We All Saw Of  Flight 175 Hitting The WTC2 Building on TV On 9/11 Was All  Faked.

[n.b. there was no alleged "live" MSM broadcast of the first plane strike, Fl.11 into WTC1, just before 9am. Only the 2nd "strike", Fl.175 into WTC2 was  allegedly broadcast "live" by the MSM that morning.]

Specifically: a  plane, or maybe a missile that looked like a plane, may or may not have struck WTC 1 or 2 in real life, it's impossible to say for certain.

Some people I have talked to claim to have been there and witnessed a plane [or plane-like missile perhaps] hitting WTC's 1 and 2, while others  who claim to have been present right beneath the towers that day claim to have seen/heard nothing in the way of planes or missiles prior to an explosion of some sort.

Which means that for myself personally [I was not there that day], I have no idea whether or not planes or missiles did, or did not hit WTC1 and 2. Not that it really matters in the big picture, I would suggest .

However, in my opinion, neither the possible absence, nor possible presence of planes or missiles that day  can negate the fact that the "live" MSM  television coverage showing Fl.175 flying into WTC 2  that so many of us saw on 9/11, and all took for granted to be genuine imagery, was  in fact  fake imagery that appears to have been fabricated on computers ahead of time and then fraudulently broadcast that morning as authentic "live" footage.

Also, No Planes At The Pentagon Or In Shanksville PA?
On top of that, no planes appear to have struck  the Pentagon, nor magically completely disappeared into the ground in Shanksville P.A., although once again, actual planes may or may not have been present in those two areas that day and seen by various persons.

"Red Pill" Point [2]: The TV Network Imagery Showing the "Live" Collapses of WTC2, WTC1, and
WTC 7   On 9/11 Was Also  All Faked.

Meaning: there were no actual "live" TV Broadcasts  of sub- 20 second, top down tower collapses due to fires caused by plane collisions for WTC1 and 2, and also, no "live" broadcasts of a sub- 20 second [bottom up] collapse of WTC7 that day:

Although the 7 buildings comprising the  WTC complex, plus two others close by, were destroyed that day [obviously] , the alleged "live" "on air" collapses of  WTC1 , WTC2 and WTC7  were in actuality nothing more than a series of computer generated animations made prior to 9/11, no different from the  fake "live" footage of Fl.175 flying into WTC2 .

"Red Pill" Point [3]: Fake Victim Photos/Lists :
Alleged 9/11 victim  Louis Mariani

Upon close investigation, it appears that many/ most, or possibly all, of the reported 3000 or so victims  listed in the various memorial sites  never even existed and were in actuality fake personalities, made up by using computer image morphing software for their various portraits, plus wholly faked bio/life-history and family relative information to flesh them out a little more and make them all appear more real to us all. 

A Big-Picture"Red Pill"Conclusion: The MSM Is Nothing More Than The Promotional/ Propaganda Tool Of The Military Industrial/ Security Complex:

Like myself, you have maybe now reluctantly concluded that the government/miltary controls the TV and radio media, and that even what little produced that is not directly controlled merely churns out the same tired  propaganda masquerading as "independent opinion", from government "educated" talking heads with fake hair, fake tans and overly white teeth, for the mass consumption of happy slaves and useful idiots within the matrix everywhere.

"Blue Pill" Reality Check: Are You Still, Despite All You Now Know About 9/11, Partially Stuck Inside The Matrix?

I would say yes, if you have made any of the following [false] assumptions:

False "Blue Pill"Assumption [1] :"We Can  Bring  "The Perps" To Justice"[ The Matrix"Has You" If You Believe This] : 

In case you were not  already aware: government, and government "justice" is a scam:

Just like those 911 media "plane into building" and all of those under 20 second building collapse sequence movies, and just like those 3,000 odd alleged  9/11 victims, and just like all those permanently grinning talking [empty] heads in the mainstream media, government itself is a scam.

Ergo, government "justice" itself is essentially a scam.

Meaning:  if, after having realized the truth [i.e  faked "plane into building" footage,  fake "live" WTC building collapse footage, and mostly or exclusively fake  victims], you are expecting "justice" to be administered by the government in the case of 911 or, for that matter, in any other case, I'm afraid you are going to be extremely disappointed.

False "Blue Pill"Assumption [2] : Most People  Care, Or Would Welcome Being "Woken Up"[ The Matrix "Has You" If You Believe This!]

Morpheus : "These people are a part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged." 

 As for people caring about what you and I have concluded about the alleged events of 9/11, and being grateful for the information that you and I have to offer them, it pays to remember that most are happy slaves- they do not want to be free [or they think they are free]- they certainly do not want to listen to what you or I might believe to be the truth about 911 [or anything else].

Post "Red Pill" Fact: 9/11- Was Just Another "Business As Usual" Minor Government Scam

Historically speaking, the 911 scam is just another, [albeit minor] example of the way that governments always operate, and must operate, given their fundamental nature.

Given human action theory, and human nature, and being what they [governments] ultimately are; that is, socially acceptable supra- criminal organizations , it is impossible for them to operate in any other way than what has  been revealed to you via the events of 9/11 and others similar in nature - so I would caution you that it is extremely unwise for you to expect any change in their  modus operandi, ever.

 Governments Fundamental, Unchangeable Criminal Nature

Given the fundamental, elemental, unchangeable criminal nature of all governments everywhere, such envisioned changes [i.e. "limited" government, "smaller" government, "fair" government, "honest" government, "efficient" government, "just" government etc. etc.] are impossible objectives that only the young, stupid and/or naive should persue [ possibly for yours and my entertainment].

Re-Cap: The Events of 9/11- Four "Red  Pill" Facts You Are Probably Already  Aware Of

"Red  Pill" Fact [1]: Large commercial jet airliners cannot fly at 500mph below 1000 ft.

At 600ft above sea level, where the air is 4x as dense, they cannot maintain a speed above around 250mph [ not 500+mph, the impact speed claimed by the government and N.I.S.T.] because [1]the engines cannot handle the 4x higher density of the incoming air above that speed, and [2] the airframe is not designed to withstand the buffeting it receives at speeds above 250mph at that higher air density for extended periods of time, especially under the duress of sharp descents and simultaneous turns. [ Therefor, for this reason alone, any alleged "live" 9/11 video that shows a plane image traveling at a calculated  video frame to video frame speed of around 500 mph. , must automatically be dismissed as a fake.]

"Red  Pill" Fact [2] :  Aluminum Cannot Cut Through Steel:

Even if 500+mph airspeeds _were_ consistently achievable at near ground level, it is still physically impossible for 140 ton, hollow, aluminum skinned, plastic-nosed airliners [flying Coke cans] to hit/penetrate/melt into 500,000 ton steel /concrete buildings without visibly slowing down, and without at least partially breaking up outside the building upon initial impact.  [i.e. Exactly what does not occur in any/all alleged "plane-strike" videos, regardless of whether they are from a major network or originated with a claimed "amateur" source.] 

"Red  Pill" Fact [3] : It Is Impossible For A Photographer/ Videographer To  Successfully Track A Plane Moving Across Their Field Of Vision At 500mph

                                         user posted image

On top of that, it is also worth bearing in mind that, as moviemaker A.C. Weisbecker has pointed out, any video that shows Fl. 175 moving across the sky at a calculated per frame speed of 500+ mph would have to exhibit approximately 13 ft of motion blur per frame- in other words, there would NO clear, blur free image of Fl.175 possible within any genuine footage showing Fl.175.

"Red  Pill" Fact [4]: Fires Caused By Crashing Airplanes Cannot Melt Steel Girders:

Fires Do Not/Cannot Cause 1300+ft tall , 500,000 ton Steel and Concrete Buildings To Collapse Straight Down in 10-20 seconds[!]

The plain fact is that 1300+ft tall , 500,000 ton steel and concrete buildings could not completely collapse , top to bottom in 10 -20 seconds  flat , due to steel girders being weakened via fires caused by crashed aircraft- particularly in light of the fact that a billiard ball dropped from the same height[1300 ft.] IN A VACUUM [i.e no air resistance] would hit the ground in about 9.2 seconds.

If small, plane-crash induced fires were indeed capable of destroying such buildings, the collapse would most likely be extremely uneven [i.e. not straight down top to bottom], and would take hours, possibly even days, to complete.

N.B. Incorrect Assumptions: And remember, even those 10-20 second building-collapse time estimates made using the extant "live" footage of those events, have all assumed the authenticity of the various building collapse videos, when such assumptions are logically ,  methodologically and investigatively incorrect  to make in the first place [but of course, almost everyone makes these unwarranted assumptions :-) ].

Official Story: The Towers Fell in Approximately 9 and 11 Seconds!:

And for the extremely gullible amongst you, according to the National Institute of Science and Technology {N.I.S.T.}, the two towers fell in "approximately" 9 (WTC1)  and 11(WTC2) seconds respectively.  How about that for a "strange" coincidence - amazingly, on 9/11, the two main towers fall down in about 9, and 11 seconds, according to "official" sources ? :-) 

Post "Red Pill" Irrelevant Question [1] :What Actually Brought the WTC Complex Down ?

Of course, the WTC complex was there on 09/10/01, and had [somehow] been reduced to rubble by the end of the day 09/11/01, and airliners into buildings were obviously not responsible for the collapse.

Basically , that's _all_ we can know, because: 

"Red Pill" Fact: All 9/11 demolition  theories purporting to answer the question of exactly how the WTC complex demolitions were actually  executed [e.g. via "nukes", mini-nukes, or "direct energy weapons" {D.E.W.}] etc. etc. are, at this time, not really "scientific theories" at all, but nothing more than idle speculation and "psuedo-science",  since they are all almost entirely based on the analysis of what is, in point of fact, wholly faked  WTC building- collapse footage, and/or photos, all of which has been, without close inspection, pre-assumed to be genuine, by lazy, gullible, or just plain sloppy, 9/11 researchers  [ or professional disinfo agents].

Post "Red Pill" Irrelevant Question 2 : How Many People Really Died On 9/11?

The exact same thinking  must apply to the official alleged victims lists, simply because many, or  possibly all of the close to 3,000 victims listed in the various online victim memorials appear to have been 100% fake personalities generated  on computers using crude photo morphing software, then linked to fake  "real life" family relatives/ friends who appear to be nothing more than actors/actresses.

Q: So how many really died that day inside those buildings? I do not conclusively know- and neither, I would humbly suggest, do you.

And again, as with the pointless concern over actual demolition methodology, I would suggest that whether no-one, or just "a few", people really died in those buildings that day is again mostly  irrelevant in the big picture, which is, I would humbly suggest, your very own personal freedom [see below].

Four " Small Picture" 9/11"Red Pill" Facts You May Still Be In Denial Of, Versus  Five "Big Picture" "Red Pill" 9/11 Facts You May Still Be In Denial Of:

1] You Don't Know Exactly How The MSM Broadcasts Were Faked:

Unless you made them, you don't know exactly which type of technical wizardry and software was really used to fake the network  videos and then broadcast them as fake live footage in  a rough synchronicity. So you can waste a lot of time trying to determine exactly how it was done and still never really know for sure- so why bother?

2] You Don't Know Exactly What Brought Down The Twin Towers Etc.:

Unless you were directly involved you don't know [and cannot possibly know via the endless examination of wholly faked collapse sequence videos/photos and  government studies], exactly what [dynamite, D.E.W. , mini-nukes, or something else] did the job in the real world. So you can waste a lot of time trying to determine exactly what  brought them down, and still never really know for sure- so why bother?

3]You Don't Know Exactly How Many Really Died:

 Unless you were directly involved in faking victims, you cannot possibly know exactly how many really died and how many victims are merely computer generated "vicsims".  As I say elsewhere, possibly, there were no real victims.

So you can waste a lot of time trying to determine exactly how many died and still never really know for sure- so again, why bother?

4]You Don't Know Exactly Who Did It:

Unless you were in on it you cannot know with absolute certainty exactly who was responsible [ the roadrunner, zionists, Israel, neocons, pentagon, defense contractors, Illuminati, Masons, Jesuits etc. etc.], and even if you were "in on it" chances are you cannot possibly know all of the other nefarious government, secret government, quasi government or outside "special interests" involved. So you can waste a lot of time trying to determine exactly who did it and still never really know for sure- why bother?

One [of 5] 9/11 "Big Picture" "Red Pill" Facts You Still Might Not Understand:


That is : even if you think you _do_ know exactly how the videos were faked, exactly how the towers were destroyed , or exactly who was/is responsible, the inevitable "big picture" remains : none of ["small picture"1,2,3,4 above] really even matter, because, [ta dah!] , THIS [9/11 , and similar] IS WHAT GOVERNMENTS DO! - all the time !

 Meaning, if you have governments in the first place, sooner or later , this [9/11, and far worse] is what you are going to inevitably get, no "ifs, ands, or buts"!. 

So : GET OVER IT ! [Already] :-) 

Four   More "Big Picture" "Red Pill" Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of:

2] :The True Nature of Government Can Never Be Changed

Government's are nothing more than criminal organizations.  Just like anything/everything else, the true nature of government can never be changed/altered, therefor it is pointless [ i.e a waste of your time] to try to change it/them "for the better".

So no matter who you elect [or how honest they might appear to be], no matter how you try to limit it, no matter what laws get passed, the behavior of individuals within it or close to it is always going to be distorted/corrupted by the simple fact that they all depend on the continued receipt of stolen and/or counterfeit money to keep for themselves and  also  dole out to an endless and ever increasing line of sycophant "special interests".

A Mere "Drop In the Bucket"

As I said before, 9/11 was just another "drop in the bucket" operation in the ongoing criminal scam called "government", in its never ending quest to collect[read steal]/ hand out more money and seize more power and control over your life.

3]: Governments are probably not going away in our lifetimes

4] Most Likely, You Will Not Change Other Peoples Minds

Just as you choose how to spend your time and must be fully responsible for those choices, you also freely choose your beliefs and must be just as responsible for them- which means that everyone else does the exact same thing- which means that in the end , just as you are most likely not easily influenced, you are most likely incapable of influencing what most others choose to think/believe about 911 [or anything else]- the unfortunate fact is they are going to choose whatever they choose to believe regardless of what you or I say or don't say - so why bother trying to get them to agree with your views [or mine] about exactly what happened on 9/11?

Morpheus :"These people are a part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged." 

5] You  Have Limited, Precious Time:

Most importantly, your time alive on this earth is limited. And only you can choose how to best spend your time here.

However you choose to spend/enjoy your time here on earth, you and you alone are responsible for that choice -nobody else forces you to make that decision.

 Your Choices: [a] Stay, or [b] Leave "the Matrix"?

So knowing what you now hopefully know about 911, and knowing that you also have a limited amount of time alive on this earth, and perhaps also that governments are entirely non-reformable,  and that its probably impossible to create a better world by "waking up" people to "the truth about 9/11" as you see it,  you now have a very important decision to make:

a]: you can choose to leave it [the matrix] behind, without having to get even one other person to "see the light"[according to you or me], or to agree with you about exactly what happened  on 9/11, or who was responsible etc. etc. , or  even for them to have to leave the matrix with you.

Or [b]: you can choose to stay exactly where you are.

As I see it, how you choose will be a direct result of what you believe to be the true nature of humans, and of governments themselves.

Stay In The Matrix?- How To Waste Your Time- A Beginners Guide

Guaranteed Waste Your Time Move [1]: Try To Make Enough Others To Wake Up and Take "The Red Pill":

As I see it, and although you would inevitably have a few  successes, you can stay and waste a lot your valuable time trying to make the happy contented slaves within the matrix  "see the light" and "take the red pill", when all that most of them are going to do is throw up that reality pill back in your face [or far worse].

If you believe my understanding of the true nature of both human nature and governments is incorrect, you'll probably do this [try to get others to "take the red pill"/ "wake up" etc.].

Guaranteed Waste Your Time Move [2]: Seek"Justice":

As I see it, you can also waste a lot of precious time in a vain attempt to seek "justice" from within the matrix/system, and you can waste time merely with the expectation of "justice" from the matrix. Given the nature of government, 't'ain't gonna happen.

If you believe my understanding of the nature of government is wrong, you'll probably try to do this [seek justice].

Guaranteed Waste Your Time Move [3]:Indulge In Endless " Expert" Arguments and Ego Clashes:

As I see it, you can similarly waste a lot of precious time in climbing on your soap box/expert "high horse" -trying to convince others that only you know the exact truth about what really happened on 911, exactly how the videos were faked, how the buildings were destroyed, who was/is responsible etc. etc.

As I see it, if you believe my understanding of the nature of government is wrong, or that some/many others will eventually come to agree with you, you'll probably continue to do this [indulge in endless "expert" arguments.]

Guaranteed Waste Your Time Move [4]: Try To Expose The "Real" Perps:

As I see it, you can also waste a lot of time attempting to identify exactly who all "the perps" were, and trying to convince others that your list is the"right" one- when the truth of the matter is, it does not matter, if you have governments you have special interests, be they "Zionists" [however defined], the Iluminatii, the Masons, the Neocons, the "banksters", the Jesuits, or whomever.

Meaning, if you have governments in the first place, you will inevitably have special interests like those listed above and others competing to control it/them. [Without government these would probably still exist but would lack the ability to use governments  power of violent compulsion to try to achieve their ends, whatever they might be.]

As I see it, if you believe my understanding of the nature of government [and therefor of the "special interests" it attracts/ nurtures] is wrong, you'll probably continue to try to "expose the real perps".

Guaranteed Waste Your Time Move [5]: Try To Reform Government:

You can also waste a lot of time joining/forming groups with the objective of reforming government, getting certain individuals you trust elected, voting for this or that party, to expose "the truth" etc. etc.

As I see it, if you believe my understanding of the nature of government is wrong, you'll probably continue to try to do this [i.e join/form political or quasi-political action groups].

 Six Predictions, Should You Choose To Stay Inside the Matrix And Try To Change It From The Inside:

1] if you form a politically motivated "truth movement" with the intention of exposing 911, it will fail, or to put it another way, if it succeeds politically it will completely fail all of its members outside of those purely in it for political ends [i.e to have power over others- live off their contributions]. Because of the real nature of all governments everywhere [no exceptions], no actual "truth", and no "justice " will be ever achieved.

And regardless of whether or not you form a  politically inclined "911 truth movement group".......

2] you will still fail to obtain " 911 justice" as you envision it.

3] you will fail to "change the system" or "make the system work" as you envision.

4] you will fail to convince a majority [i.e. of your friends, your message board fellow members, your newsletter subscribers, your site members etc.] that your exact version of what happened, why it happened, and who planned and implemented it, is the correct one, and that everyone else is simply WRONG! , and instead you will waste your precious time "spinning your wheels" in endless, unwinnable debates on the internet or in person, for years to come, maybe even the rest of your life.

[But I guess, if that [wheel spinning] is what makes you happy.............]

5] you will fail to convince a majority, or even an influential minority, that your version of how the world would/should work via government[s] is the correct version, [i.e how everyone else's lives "should" be run, in your opinion. ]

6] If you choose to stay and fight government over _anything_,you will only make it stronger.

To Stay or Leave the Matrix? - Again, It's Your Choice-No One Elses:

Although this mental and systemic matrix will  probably always exist for most people , and although it is almost impossible to get anyone inside it to take a look outside of it, let alone leave it, _you_ do not have to live within it, nor to believe any of its lies.

As always, it is your choice and responsibility, not mine or anyone else's.

 If you choose to leave you will find plenty of people who have already left, and left without you having to convince a single one of them about what happened that day- they probably already know, and will most likely mostly agree with you.

They also know that the world is not going to change just because they have a different view of what happened, and therefor have learnt not to waste their time trying to convince or "enlighten" willing slaves, or anyone else, or to try to "improve society/ the world", and all the rest of the baloney.

Reality Check: Slaves Will Be Slaves:

 "... you are a slave... Like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind...."
[A quote by the character Morpheus-  from the movie "The Matrix"

 I say: let the slaves be slaves, let them be scared by false flag black ops, let them fight their wars, die for their masters, parrot the status quo, receive their "free" government "education" , their "free" government approved "medicine", pay their "voluntary" taxes, worry over their fake monetary/banking system, continually swallow those "blue pills" etc. etc.

Self Responsibility

You or I can never save them - if you believe in the concept of complete self responsibility, as I do, then in as much as they have freely chosen to believe/go along with the governments unending stream of lies, they fully deserve their fate, and consequently, many more 9/11's, and even a lot worse.

What You Can Do- Free Yourself : Finding Freedom in an Unfree World - Freedom Awaits You

I have personally lived almost entirely"outside the Matrix" , for more than 25 years [as of 2014].

If you would like to leave and don't know how to, I would suggest:

1] a thorough reading of :"How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World" by Harry Browne [original 1970's unrevised version, not the newer, 1990's version , if possible] . See the 90's version [better than nothing if you cannot get the 1970's original.

Probably the single greatest book ever written on achieving your own freedom from "the matrix", from politics, and from people you don't get along with etc. Cannot be recommended highly enough.

2] Act Alone- do not join any action groups- joining groups just gives the government something to target/oppress.

3] Study  and learn the  "Art of Fighting by Not Fighting" and related Martial Art Philosophies:

  Closely study the philosophy of the "art of fighting by not fighting", as Bruce Lee called it in "Enter the Dragon", and in particular study the application of the principles and philosophy of internal martial arts such as Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi, Aiki-Jujitsu etc.

The art of "fighting by not fighting" is counterintuitive to most [especially most "macho" revenge/"justice" types]. I myself studied an external martial art [Tae Kwan Do] for 15 years before changing over to the [for me] far more rewarding internal arts such as those listed above.

The principles of none-resistance, using the opponents strength against them, of continually giving way, and of being where your opponent is not, when applied outside of a strict martial arts situation [i.e. to avoid governments, as opposed to directly fighting them] , can be invaluable in the search for personal freedom, in my opinion.

4] talk to me. I'm  a personal freedom consultant, alternative psychologist  and problem solver,   a financial safety consultant , and a blues musician.  I can be reached at: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom. I am also available on Skype for phone conversation [by appointment only].

Or, Stay Where You Are?

Even if you decide to do nothing except stay where you are and maybe suck a little harder on that blue pill, you've still [maybe] learnt not to believe a damn thing you see on the TV, hear on the radio or read in the mainstream press, so you are still way ahead of the game, yes?

Regards, onbornfree.

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  1. Good article, Thought provoking. Lots of Matrix references. I'm sure you know that "The Matrix" was a predictive programming film. What with Neo's passport expiration date being on 09/11/01

    Many millions of people the world over have seen that film. The question to ask is why do they want people to even start thinking along the lines established by this Hollywood flick, made by studios which they own lock, stock & barrel & which have never made a single pro-Palestinian film, ever.

    About the perps. It's obvious who the high-level perps are: the bankers. Why? Simple. Because they have the most money, estimated to be in the many hundreds of trillions; ridiculous amounts. In fact, they don't even have to earn any of this money-derived power, since they already have a legalized usury & counterfeiting racket through central banks in most countries of the world. The Germans, the Italians, the Japanese and many others that fought on the axis side tried to stop them and failed, because their idiotic, duped brothers bought their propaganda and fought to keep them in power. Money talks, bullshit walks. These guys are at the top of the heap. They finance the entire money-supplies of central-banked/BIS-IMF countries & charge interest on this wholly counterfeited fake wealth. Therefore, through their control of finance, they control all enterprises that require finance and hire & fire almost all the main bosses of everybody else in the world, who in turn control and hire & fire the smaller bosses, all the way down the line. The 'gold standard,' of course, as Hitler and the NSDAP proved in 1930s Germany, is just another ruse.

    Although being off the gold-standard has many advantages for the fraudsters, being on the gold standard is certainly no guarantee against massive fraud, given who owns and controls most of the gold:

    “The trick is simple. Whenever the Rothschild and other gents in the gold business have gold to sell, they raise the price. The public is fooled by propagandizing the devaluation of the dollar, or other monetary unit according to the country chosen to be victimized. The argument is that the high price of the monetary unit is injurious to the nation’s commerce.

    But when the nation, that is, the people of that nation own the gold and the financiers own the dollars or other monetary units, the gold standard is restored. This raises the value of the dollar and the citizens of ‘rich’ nations, as well as citizens of other nations, are diddled.”~ Ezra Pound

    So, it is unthinkable that a false-flag PsyOp like 9-11 could be orchestrated & pulled off & gatekept in literally all the media channels of the planet, fooling billions through the technique of emotional overload "shock & awe," without the go-ahead having been given from those who own and have got a stranglehold on all these media channels.

    It is no secret which group the majority of banksters belong to. With regard to the somewhat lower level major perps. Shack & Clues have fully identified and named all of them: Steven Rosenbaum, Larry Silverstein, Alvin Hallerstein, Kenneth Feinberg, Charles Hirsch, Rick Leventhal, Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Mark 'Harley Guy' 'Psycho' Walsh, etc. After that you have the gatekeeping squad of actors, some for the official conspiracy, some for the alternative Alex Jones/Loose Change crowds: William Rodriguez, In a world where there was any justice at all, all these people would be sitting in prison awaiting trials for massive fraud & treason. Unfortunately, it should be quite obvious the bankers knew very well how thoroughly all the courts & judges were bought & paid-for before they even dreamed about planning a PsyOp of the scale of 9-11.

    ~ Negentropic MK I

  2. (continued)

    I read the books by Harry Browne many years ago & my original copy of HIFFIAUnfreeWorld is highlighted on almost every single page. I don't agree with him that deception is not a good method of self-defense against deceivers. All warfare is based on deception. It's a thin line between tactics and strategy and straight out deception or open warfare. Deceiving deceivers is just as justified as punching somebody back who punched you first. Browne had some shows on Gatekeeping Central Network or the Alex-Jones-network in the years before he died but I don't think he ever became a 9-11 truther. He agreed with the official conspiracy theory peddled by the fully-controlled media which does not speak too well of his judgment.

    As far as 'government' is concerned in the wider sense. Nature is the ultimate governor or dictator, the strictest & the wisest. You either do what nature or objective reality dictates or nature WILL DEFEND ITSELF with violent and even deadly force, at your expense.

    In the narrower sense, what is government but social organization to accomplish a task where the "control of the mind" or co-operation of more than a few people and sometimes many people is needed? Your family is already a small unit of government. Pater-familia, father-knows-best in most families. If you, as a child, do not voluntarily do what you are asked to do, for "your own good," if you do not listen to 'reason,' you will be physically forced to do it. Now, many families raise more-or-less healthy adults through this method, because MOST of what they force their kids to do is done fo the right reason and therefore becomes 'pre-emption' and is understood by them WHEN they receive the benefits of the disciplined life as opposed to life as a spoiled, degenerate child that everyone outside the family will give the smacks to that the hippie family did not. Government at large simply takes over for this father figure, for the children who are now supposedly grown adults able to make their own free decisions. As we all know, few people know what's right or wrong and are able to make consistently 'right' decisions based on objective reality, for most of their lives, never mind as soon as they turn 18 or some legally 'consenting' age. What is the ideal family? That which governs the least or has to resort to the least amount of initiated force to keep the governed (the children) on the right path, the path of natural law, or the path which if violated outside the protective cocoon of the family unit will result in violent retribution or even death in the so-called 'real world' outside, regardless of any other initiations of force making things worse by man-made governments.

    ~ Negentropic MK II

  3. This idea that initiation of force is always wrong no matter what as some kind of black-&-white thing and no grey areas exist where self-defense force crosses over to initiation of force done for the right reasons, reasons protective of life and health and regeneracy against disease, corruption and degeneracy, as pre-emption and is UNDERSTOOD AS SUCH, either immediately or eventually, by the subject, has never been borne out by the facts of reality.

    “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” did not originate from nowhere, did it ? If applying the rod had such bad results in days of old where there were no neo-hippie “libertarian” tomes of child-rearing, why would they do it? What were they all ? Sadists? Or did they weigh the amount of suffering that their child was likely to experience as a result of being spoiled and weak and degenerate vs. being disciplined and strong and regenerate in the long run?

    If self-defense force crosses over to initiation of force but for the right reasons, this more-often-than-not becomes pre-emption and is understood and respected by its beneficiary in time, otherwise it wouldn’t be practiced. That’s just the reality of the world. The world does not operate like Stefan Molyneux’s fantasies where you would grab your kid and throw him away from the path of an oncoming car to save his life but wouldn’t grab him and throw him in his room to keep him away from the drug dealer on the corner. You would try to “negotiate” addiction away. What silly nonsense. Force and the threat of it is what rules the world and it is what everyone understands and very quickly. Pre-emption becomes self-defense force when the positive results justify it in retrospect. I understand that once you accept the concept of pre-emption or ambushing ahead of an ambush set-for-you discovered instead of waiting for the attack to come to you and strike first, before you strike back, can end up justifying many things that are not justified but it's foolish to say that as soon as someone 'initiates' force, regardless of what other threats were facing him, he becomes the criminal party.

    The ends do not justify the means but they certainly make the means understandable. Being thrown on the right path will still get you where you want to go whereas being left on the wrong path for too long while “negotiations” are going on may lead to disaster. Disaster is a state of being unfavored by the dictator of all dictators: nature.

    Without free choice there can be no morality but it is also true that morality is not subjective but objective. Certain actions will give more-from-all and more-for-all simultaneously and others will not. Can forcing somebody to practice the non-aggression principle be anything but self-defense force? Nope. It is by definition and always self-defense force.

    ~ Negentropic MK III

  4. So it's not organized action through a collective, by itself, no matter how large, that is automatically a problem or inherently 'evil' but whether or not the organization was voluntary or not. It is true that collectives tend to bring out the worst in men:

    "It is a notorious fact that the morality of society as a whole is in inverse ratio to its size; for the greater the aggregation of individuals, the more the individual factors are blotted out, and with them morality, which rests entirely on the moral sense of the individual and the freedom necessary for this. Hence, every man is, in a certain sense, unconsciously a worse man when he is in society than when acting alone; for he is carried by society and to that extent relieved of his individual responsibility. . . . Any large company composed of wholly admirable persons has the morality and intelligence of an unwieldy, stupid, and violent animal. The bigger the organization, the more unavoidable is its immorality and blind stupidity. Society, by automatically stressing all the collective qualities in its individual representatives, puts a premium on mediocrity, on everything that settles down to vegetate in an easy, irresponsible way. Individuality will inevitably be driven to the wall. This process begins in school, continues at the university, and rules all departments in which the State has a hand. In a small social body, the individuality of its members is better safeguarded; and the greater is their relative freedom and the possibility of conscious responsibility. Without freedom there can be no morality." ~ Carl Jung (from The Relations Between the Ego and the Unconscious, p.169)

    but it is also true that no civilization is possible at all without voluntary collectives, organized action and the win-win dialectic. This is anarchy. When you are governed by the supreme dictator: nature. Anarchy does not mean no rules but no rulers EXCEPT nature or natural law. So, in this sense, true science itself is impossible without anarchy since, in order to be valid and 'provable' at all, it has to obey no other rulers but objective reality. Without the win-win dialectic born out of natural law & voluntary organized action, you would have no scientific method of human organization and there would be no true created wealth of any kind for the win-lose of the parasites to feed on.

    "To know what actions are virtuous, and what vicious --- in other words, to know what actions tend, on the whole, to happiness, and what to unhappiness --- in the case of each and every man, in each and all the conditions in which they may severally be placed, is the profoundest and most complex study to which the greatest human mind ever has been, or ever can be, directed. It is, nevertheless, the constant study to which each and every man --- the humblest in intellect as well as the greatest --- is necessarily driven by the desires and necessities of his own existence. It is also the study in which each and every person, from his cradle to his grave, must necessarily form his own conclusions; because no one else knows or feels, or can know or feel, as he knows and feels, the desires and necessities, the hopes, and fears, and impulses of his own nature, or the pressure of his own circumstances." ~ Lysander Spooner, "Vices Are Not Crimes, A Vindication Of Moral Liberty"

    ~ Negentropic MK IV

  5. I received this nasty email from one " Kathy Hovan" last week. Here it is in all its glory:

    "So I questioned the lack of substantive analysis your boy Simon did on Kosior’s video, which, in essence,

    was no analysis at all, just a complaint that he was tired of being a crack debunker of all things video. He didn’t even have the DVD, just ranked on what he could find on the Internet. Of course, before his happy band of droogies, Simon doesn’t have to prove anything, just proclaim something and you all go wild with acceptance. Nice gig if you can get it. But it doesn’t pass for serious analysis. Or serious anything, really. Sorry that Kosior’s video was late to the game, but Simon doesn’t get a pass: If you’re going to trash every video that comes your way, you should at least do the wet work to support your broadsides.

    Now you send me another link, and in this segment of your blog, another crack researcher decides, because he’s detected photoshopping of people’s photos, that nobody died because of 9/11. All the alleged dead are gossamers that never existed.

    One: I don’t know where the photos came from, or who did the supposed photo prestidigitation, but it’s not a logical jump that, if there was any photo fakery, then that means all the people reported as dead never existed. If the photos were touched up to remove a hand around their shoulder, I think I can understand that.

    Two: Now you’ll call me a liar, but a neighbor of mine from Teaneck, New Jersey, worked in the WTC and died that day, but in deference to your twisted logic, I’ll say she just didn’t come home. As I told you, I was visiting my old haunts at the time, staying with a friend in New Milford. In the days after 9/11, I started checking the newspapers for a list of the dead. In my last year in Teaneck (1994), I lived across the street from a man who was in security in the WTC. I figured he might be dead. It was with a sick feeling that I went to his house the following Sunday, but found that he was alive because he had been transferred to the Hartz Mountain complex in Ridgefield Park in the time between my leaving and 9/11. I was told, however, that another neighbor, Fanny Espinoza, died or, rather, had not come home from her job in the towers. To date, she still hasn’t come home. Where could that girl be hiding? I’m not sure a photoshopped image of her was ever published, which might mean she really is dead. If you find such a photo of her, though, then that might mean she’s not dead, right? Isn’t that how your fucked up brain works?

    By the way, why not give Lyz Glick, now Lyz Best, a call? Her number and address are published. She’s still up in Hewitt, N.J. Jeremy probably is pissed that she remarried given that he’s still alive or hiding, but the statute of limitations is up. He’s now legally dead. Tough break.

    She was used as a tool. I know that. But Jeremy still hasn’t shown up.

    I could ask you what happened to the 3000 nondead, but you’d tell me that you share no responsibility in figuring out where 3000 people went because, after all, they didn’t really exist to begin with. But they did exist despite what photos are out there. Why not go to the next 9/11 memorial and ask the actors that show up where their nonexistent relatives and friends went. Shit, I’d pay to see that action. ...."

    [Continued in next post due to character limits per post]

  6. [Hovan's letter continued] ......."So, let me get this straight, to recap: no planes, no dead, uh, where the towers ever there or was that part of the whole matrix thing? Maybe it was a holographic thing going on in 1966 and onward as I watched the nonexistent towers not being built from a window in Cliffside Park High School. And God knows where the fuck I was when I had to interview in the North Tower in 1981. Scary shit, man.

    Among your many talents you‘ve listed on your blog you state you’re a problem solver. Given your modus operandi in the WTC issue, I would guess you successfully deal with your clients by simply telling them they have no problems. Fucking brilliant, man.

    Lastly, I shit all over Fetzer as well as that lawn gnome, Baker, in prior e-mails to you, but despite the contentious relationship you state you have with those two and others of their ilk, you never once mentioned Fetzer in any of your responses that I was right or wrong or whatever. I thought that interesting. And in riffing off a Shakespeare line that you doth protest about Fat Ass too much on the blog, but, really, the both of you are working the same side of the street, it’s just you play good cop to his bad cop.

    I committed a serious lapse in judgment in writing you. I should have known better because dealing with cretins like you is like fighting in a tar pit: win, lose or draw, you only wind up looking like the shit you’re messing with."

    And so it goes, Regards, onebornfree

  7. lol

    Her neighbor died in one of those big buildings. Don't you dare question it or she'll shit all over you. Maybe, just maybe, they only decided to whack 10 people, including her neighbor but fabricate the other 2960, huh? Some modus operandi that would be. That way they can fake to their heart's content and still have bodies to show the doubters. But that's not what they did because even 10 people create unnecessary problems they don't need. Once they have the ability to fake them all, they will fake them all, since it minimizes their risk. After all, if they only had 10 bodies to show, the rest would be asked to be examined also. So if they refuse the 2960, they might as well refuse the other ten and this duped woman's neighbor (giving her the benefit of doubt; she could very well be bullshitting like all the other witnesses from the day of the holohoax and moon-hoax forwards).

    Since no planes hit the buildings, then if anybody died at all, there are only two scenarios possible. They must have exploded a bomb on those floors where the planes supposedly hit and killed the neighbor before Willie Rodriguez and the heroic firefighters (of whom, supposedly over 343 died) or the policemen (of whom supposedly 59 died) could run up to the rescue. Maybe her neighbor was the 13 foot KING KONG MAN or the 22 foot one jumping out of those floors because of what? Too much heat? Blocked path to the roof or the floors below? An hour not enough time to be rescued by a helicopter like in "The Towering Inferno"? Or they just control demolitioned the buildings without warning the inhabitants and killed everyone? But then that would whack far more than 2970 people, wouldn't it? And therefore no need for any vicsims at all.

    ~ Negentropic MK V

  8. And where did this scenario come from? From a faked movie on TV. Since the MSM has proven itself so trustworthy in all other matters, it goes without saying that their silly movie & its fear-mongering script should be accepted at face-value, regardless of how many faked vic-sims are found, regardless of how many times the number of dead has been changed, regardless of who's on the SSDI or not, regardless of who has a death certificate or not, regardless of who has an autopsy or produceable corpse or not, regardless of who has a valid last address of record on file (none did as recently as 2010, but according to her, apparently her neighbor does, so maybe she should put her neighbor's address there, just for the record, so at least ONE 9-11 victim could be traced to where they last lived).

    Official 9-11 timeline:

    8:46:30[10] Flight 11 crashes at roughly 466 mph (790 km/h or 219 m/s or 425 knots) into the north face of the North Tower (1 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

    9:03:02: Flight 175 crashes at about 590 mph (950 km/h, 264 m/s or 513 knots) into the south face of the South Tower (2 WTC) of the World Trade Center, between floors 77 and 85

    9:37:46: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of the Pentagon at 530 mph (853 km/h, 237 m/s, or 460 knots) and starts a violent fire

    9:58:59:[10] The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses, 56 minutes after the impact of Flight 175.

    10:03:11: United Airlines Flight 93 is crashed by its hijackers and passengers at 583 mph (926 km/h, 272 m/s, or 509 knots), due to fighting in the cockpit 80 miles (129 km) southeast of Pittsburgh in Somerset County, Pennsylvania

    10:28:22:[10] The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses.

    5:20:33: 7 World Trade Center, a 47-story building, collapses.

    So, in 56 minutes, not a single person out of these 3000 was rescued by helicopter? Only Willie the Puerto Rican keyholding janitor was busy with his heroics? And why would they need any firefighters at all at the controlled demolitions of 3 buildings (actually 9 altogether, 7 that day and 2 that were demolished later due to damage, Deutsche Bank not until 2008) behind a smokescreen? Why, because the TV told me!! Don't you believe the TV? And all those witnesses the TV showed you and all those 'firefighters' they interviewed? Trillionaires couldn't hire a troupe of actors or a whole 'magnum force' of their own firefighters ready for a big payday for a little acting and keeping their traps shut, could they? Nah, it's never happened in history.

    And why would they need to fake ANY firefighters or victims at all if plenty 'died'? Maybe only her neighbor was stuck in there huh? Was he one of the people they called stuck in the buildings, where not a single cough could be heard, despite everyone being in the midst of supposed fire and lots of smoke?

    Dose of Reality Radio with James Sloan - 10-24-13 - the fake 9/11 phone calls/audio recordings from the "planes" and also the ones supposedly from inside the burning, smoke-filled towers (all miraculously recorded without a single cough! ) examined and exposed for the frauds they are

    What Does A Trillion Dollars Look Like?

    The next time Ben Shalom Bernanke tells you what he's going to do with the next trillion dollars he steals from you and your descendants, consider the pictures below.

    ~ Negentropic MK VI

  9. Interesting post, thanks. I see some problems with your red pill facts.
    1) The claim that all other theories of 9/11 are insane, psyops, or evil. This is getting old. Some people may mean well and be genuinely mistaken.
    2) I have to say that Judy Wood's arguments are not based entirely on the video footage of the collapses. There is a lot of evidence that she collected and photographed herself. Morgan Reynolds' theory is not based entirely on the video footage, and he admits that video fakery may have been involved. The no-plane theory that Dr. Reynolds has promoted for many years selflessly exposed just how pervasive the Matrix is and how profoundly deceptive the mainstream media are, and how tightly and completely they are controlled by the government.
    3) You advertise your services at the end of the post. You probably have a few new interesting things to say about 9/11, but all of your credibility evaporated when I saw this self-promotion. The purpose of your post appears to be (even if it's not) to get more visitors, clicks, clients, and dollars. You are addicted to the same blue pill as the slaves you are talking about.
    4) The scenario where there are no real victims defeats the purpose of a false flag attack. A clean, victimless operation would not be as effective at drumming up support for war. Besides, this scenario involves the assumption that the government officials value human life. I have to disagree. The 3000 figure seems to be right for the buildings of that size at that time of the day.

    I do agree with you that seeking justice within the Matrix is futile. I disagree that spreading the truth (or whatever you think it is) is futile. I would still be fully brainwashed today if nobody tried to spread the truth. I was living in the Matrix until 2013.