Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Original, Complete, Top To Bottom "Live" MSM WTC1&2 Collapse Sequences

Here are the only two complete "top to bottom " collapse sequences for the Twin Towers actually broadcast "live", "as it happened" , "in real time", as the events took place, that I have been able to find in the official 9/11 archives, to date. [If you know of another complete, "live" collapse sequence shown "real time"on ABC, CBS, or Fox, that I have somehow missed, please let me know.]

The first on-archive complete tower collapse shown on TV is that of WTC2 [South Tower], at around 9.58 am EST, and this was broadcast "live" "as it happened" on NBC :


Here is gif file of that complete collapse shown on NBC that morning in "real time",  courtesy of Simon Shack,  :

nbc wtc2  collapse 9: 58 am 

The second complete tower collapse shown on TV was that of WTC1 [North Tower], at around 10:28 am EST, and this was broadcast "live" "as it happened" on CNN .  

Youtube :

WTC1 -CNN gif from:

Miscellaneous Still -Frames From The CNN "Live" WTC1 Collapse Sequence [ please look closely and you should be able to detect obvious signs that these images are _not_ part of a genuine live, real-time TV broadcast] :

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